Change is On The Horizon For Cubs and a Tangent of A Curveball

Chicago Cubs

There’s a lot of dealing going on around the league. Tulowitski to Toronto, Cueto to the Royals Papelbon to the Nationals, so where do you see the Cubs making a deal?

Last night, the Cubs were beat 7-2. Folks, that’s 7-2 against a Troy-less Rockies squad. Now granted Dallas Beeler was on the mound and normally I don’t like it when pitchers are pulled before the fifth inning. It doesn’t matter what the score is, I just don’t like it. This was the right thing to do. Rockies hit everything Beeler was throwing. It also could mean that the Cubs are preparing to see if there could be a possible deal for a pitcher at the deadline.

“We had a tough first inning that really set up the game negatively for us. They were on the emotional side, having lost the face of their franchise. We have to do better. We have to. It’s not about what everybody else is doing, it’s about what we’re doing, taking care of our own business. We have so much more offensive potential than we’ve shown. We have to pull it out of the guys.” said Maddon.

Now, their wild card dreams are slipping away rapidly and there is still a lot of baseball to be played. They are 2.5 back of the Wild Card. They need pitching. With the likes of James Shields, David Price and Cole Hamels still available, the Cubs need to decide what they’re going to do.

Joe Maddon promised fans there’d be a post season for the Northsiders.

“I’m gonna be talking playoffs next year,” Maddon told reporters at his press conference last fall. Now, nobody’s going to be disappointed if they don’t get there. The Cubs have improved tremendously over the last few years, they’re playing above .500 ball and they have a core of players built for the future.

But I want to host a playoff party this fall. The invitations are out. The menu is still being set. You see, baseball in October in the great country of Canada is a pretty awesome thing.


Because hockey season is starting and when the the neighbours shout over the fence, “I think the Leafs have a shot this year!” or on the other side,”Flyers are still going to suck!” I’m going to secretly know two things:

  1. The Ottawa Senators are going to put together an awesome season.
  2. Those Ribs on the BBQ sure smell good before a Cubs first post season game since 2008

Where was I going with this? Baseball is best in October.

“I’m gonna talk World Series this year. I promise you. I am. And I’m gonna believe it. And I’m going to see how it’s all going to play out. It’s within our future, there’s no question about that.” Maddon said.

I’m holding you to this Joe.

Believe it.

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