Cubs Win Three In A Row. One Game Back of Wild Card

Chicago Cubs

Let’s get this straight, I was hoping the Cubs would do a deal by shipping Starlin Castro to the Padres or some team with amazing pitching that can send it the Cubs way.

It didn’t happen.

The Cubs were quiet in yesterday’s trade deadline bonanza. Sure, they received Tommy Hunter from the Orioles in exchange for Junior Lake. They also acquired Dan Haren from the Marlins for minor leaguers Ivan Pineyro and Elliot Soto.

“We explored some bigger deals that would’ve had a longer lasting impact on the organization, and none of those came to pass,” Theo Epstein said. “Those players ended up not being moved as it turned out. Focusing on the 2015 club, which is the most important thing for us to address now, we feel we got two quality pitchers and quality individuals who we feel can provide us the depth we need to compete the rest of the season until we get to October.”

I hope I’m wrong about Starlin Castro. I hope the team turns the corner, after all, they’re on a three game winning streak and are squeaking back into the Wild Card race being only 1 game under. Not bad.

“It made me a little frustrated, thinking about the rumors,” Castro said. “Now it’s over, and I’m trying to finish the season strong.”

Yesterday, the Cubs extended their streak by downing the Milwaukee Brewers 4-1. Anthony Rizzo continued his torrid pace with his third home run in three games. Hey, the Cubs have won three straight, I’m seeing a pattern here.

There’s a reason I’m not in the dugout or calling the shots in some suite in the stands because I’m just some poor guy yelling really loud from the cheap seats.

Now that the the trade deadline has come and gone with the Blue Jays acquiring everyone else in the league, the real season is just beginning. This is the home stretch. There’s eight weeks left until October and the Cubs are going to fight their way into the post season.

Who knows, we could still have that Blue Jays/Cubs World Series.

Believe it.

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