Cubs Not just Looking For Post Season, They’re Looking For Division Title

Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs continued their torrid pace with a sixth consecutive win. Last night, the Northside sensations dominated the Pittsburgh Pirates  5-0 but it was the play of Jake Arrieta that is whispering a Cy Young year. Allowing only two hits through seven innings, the stone faced hurler shut down the Pirates.

“I think everybody’s probably got another gear. It’s my job to find it and to stay in it,” Arrieta said. “I think that being consistent is something I’ve been able to establish. It’s kind of part of who I am. Now it’s, ‘How can I go out there and dominate every time I go out?”

Well, he seems to be doing just that. The Cubs also received excellent work from Anthony Rizzo who went 4 for 5 and Starlin Castro who turned a corner for the Cubs collecting two doubles. Either someone gave him a pep talk at the deadline or the real Starlin Castro has stepped up, but something is different about the kid.

So the Cubs have won their sixth straight and are 8.5 back of the Cardinals. If the season were to end today, they’d have the Wild Card spot. Now, I’ve got mixed emotions in how to approach the end of the season. The Cubs could by all means coast their way to the finish line being content to have an above .500 season, their first since 2009. Or they can go for the Wild Card spot(which is their best scenario) and finally, they can go for the division title. The Cubs face the Cardinals six more times before the season is through. A chance to gain some valuable ground.

The Cubs will also square off against the Dodgers and the Giants so it’s not going to be an easy ride going down the stretch.

“We need to keep it rolling as long as we can. We know the Cardinals aren’t slowing down, and these guys aren’t either,” said Arrieta.  “It’s our job to just continue to put the pressure on ’em and let them know we’re coming for them.”

One thing is for sure, if the Cubs don’t make the playoffs, they’ve given fans reason to celebrate for this awesome season.

Believe it.


  1. Minoring In Baseball · August 5, 2015

    Arrietta was great on the bump again last night. I have to give McCutchen credit, too, his sliding play in the outfield was sick. That being said, I really like how aggressive the Cubs are on the bases. More often than not it pays off and forced the defense or opposing pitchers to make a mistake. Keep it up, Cubs!


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