Cubs Streak Ends But Could Start Again

Kyle Schwarber

If the Cubs make it to the post season in October, one of the things people must say about them is they did it fighting and clawing. Sure, they fell to the Pirates yesterday with a score of  7-5 but if there are some positives to take away from it is Anthony Rizzo’s amazing drive to lead the team to well, in the Cubs’ case, the promised land. Yesterday, “Rizz” collected his 21st home run and Kyle Schwarber hit a monster of a two run shot.

Last night, the defence just wasn’t there.

“That’s a classic example of when you just don’t make the plays you’re supposed to make. It’s not even about errors; make the plays you’re supposed to make,” Joe Maddon said. “We just didn’t have a good defensive night.”

Hey, Kris Bryant is only human. The Kid can’t do it all and he’s going to have off nights like when Starlin Castro and Bryant brought their vaudeville act to Pittsburgh off a grounder by Aramis Ramirez and got their wires crossed. That happens, but I’ll tell you this; it can’t happen in October.

“I think Kris will tell you he probably should have gotten it,” Maddon said. “I think there was confusion based on the defensive shift alignment. Sometimes they’re just not used to that.”

A six game winning streak is nothing to sneeze at. The Cubs proved they can play with the big boys. They are a team with everything to prove going into the post season. If they didn’t make it, Cubs fans will be proud of their efforts and season ticket sales will continue to surge for next year. Professional sports isn’t about championships, it’s about putting butts in the seats. In that way, the team did their job and Theo Epstein is got job security for a few more years. That’s what it’s all about and most Cubs fans realize that but every now and then, multi millionaire players remember what it was like in little league bringing championships home to their parents.

My son got a medal for participating in soccer last year. Participating? He didn’t win. He picked grass and did these fantastic somersaults across the field, but he didn’t win. He didn’t need a medal for participating, I know he participated we were there. When it was our turn to bring juice boxes, we were there.

Still, the pride on his three year old face when he showed me that medal hanging around his neck last year was worth it.

“I can sit here until I’m blue in the face and talk to these guys about what to expect and the stretch run. I’ve been through it all,” Lester said. “The biggest thing that these guys can learn is just going through it, whether we’re there at the end or not.”

Even a thirty year old remembers what it’s like to hold up a trophy.

Believe it.


  1. rlincolnharris · August 6, 2015

    Until Theo wins a championship, his tenure won’t be a success. People are going to differ with me on that one, but that’s the only reason he got the job to begin with: his championship pedigree. Division titles are nice, and I’ve been around for five of them now, but the World Series is the only title I want to see.

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    • Mark Gauthier · August 6, 2015

      You’re right. I don’t believe in curses and yeah, Theo was hired to do one thing; win. The Cubs are doing things right. They’re young, hungry and an exciting team to watch but step one is to get into the playoffs which I believe that’ll happen this year. They’re not strong enough to win this year, but next season should be the real test. As long as they keep moving forward.


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