Slump? What Slump For Cubs Kris Bryant

Chicago Cubs

There’s a rule of thumb in sports; “All slumps must end” Yesterday, the Chicago Cubs defeated the San Francisco Giants 8-6 but the Giants awoke another Giant in Kris Bryant.  He hit a two run home run. Not bad.

That’s an understatement.

He also added three RBI’s. That was practically a one man show.

“There’s always a way to impact a game, whether it be with a glove, obviously with your bat, or baserunning,” Bryant said. “I take pride in that, just trying to earn the respect of my teammates hustling down the line, whether it be a chopper back to the pitcher, or today, a nice hard hit that the guy made a really good play on. I take a lot of pride in that.”

Did I mention he’s humble?

Chicago has now won nine out of their last ten and is quietly cementing their Wild Card position in the race. Catcher Miguel Montero returned to the Cubs lineup fresh off the DL and made his presence felt right away with an RBI in the fifth inning.

The depth the Cubs have now with Montero is crucial because it can put Kyle Schwarber in the outfield.

“Having his name on the lineup is extremely important to us and, obviously, he’s been a key role in our success recently,” Bryant said of Schwarber. “I wouldn’t expect anything less from him. The guy is a freak of nature and it’s been fun watching him play.”

With Starlin Castro benched and Addison Russell taking over shortstop, the Cubs are quietly positioning themselves for a possible playoff run which could signal Starlin on the move.

“I’m seeing a much more consistent effort of play. I see we’re really starting to believe in ourselves. I’m still looking for that late-inning swagger kind of thing. I think it’s almost there, where if things get a little freaky, we’re still OK. That’s the next step. Overall, you can’t complain. The effort, the intensity, the tenacity — whatever you want to call it — our guys show up to play every day. I love it.” said Maddon.

Believe it.

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