Cubs Sweep World Series Champions

Wrigley Field

The Cubs need a rest after that last series. Yesterday, the Chicago Cubs swept the defending World Series champions by posting a 2-0 win. Jake Arrieta continued his Cy Young argument by recording his 13th victory of the season. He even scored a triple!

“I was giving some of my teammates a hard time, telling them I have more pop than they do, and I can hit it through the wind,” Arrieta said. “Bryant has all this pop and Rizzo and they’re hitting fly balls to shallow right. It’s not that hard. I go up there trying to get a pitch I can put good swings on. Thankfully, I was able to do that first pitch. I’m sure Peavy wasn’t very excited. It ended up being a huge run for us.”

The Cubs had to hang on in the ninth after Hector Rondon worked his way out of a bases loaded situation, but the crowd were on their feet to cheer him on. Playoff like atmosphere!

So how important was yesterday’s sweep? Well, the Cubs have won 10 of their last 11 and take today off before the Brewers roll their empty barrels into Wrigley Field. The Cubs have an opportunity to not only stick the forks in the meat of a Wild Card spot but they can also gain some ground in the National League title race.

The way the Cubs are playing, it might just be plausible.

“It’s big. It builds up a lot of confidence, which I think we’ve got already. We’re playing a good team, man. They’re the world champions. You’ve got to respect that. They kept grinding in the last inning Saturday and today. You can never give up on those guys. We’re going to go back there to San Francisco and have to play the same way, play hard.” Miguel Montero said after the game.

Although I’m looking forward to the possibility of the Cubs in the playoffs this fall, I’m not relishing the thought of the Toronto Blue Jays matching up against the Chicago Cubs in the World Series. Yes, it could happen should both teams play in October. However, the tension in our household would be too much to bear. It would be even tough for me because after all these years and for the Cubs to square off against the Blue Jays of all teams, I hope that never happens.

Believe it.


  1. Jen Rainwater · August 10, 2015

    Very excited that the Cubs swept the stupid gnats (obviously I’m NOT a fan!)!! What an awesome weekend! Was wondering if you’d be interested in a link-swap – I like your blog and put it on my blogroll … would you be interested in adding mine. You can email me at

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