Cubs Have A Decision To Make

Chicago Cubs

Hey, I like Starlin Castro. He’s a fantastic player despite his on field statistics. He was that highly touted rookie a few years back, ok five years ago. Time has a way of sneaking up, doesn’t it? He’s got a great arm and when his mood suits him, he can hit as well.

Now, there’s been some suggestion that he might be suffering from ADHD. Let me say this, if he does suffer from ADHD, he’d probably seek the help he can get. I’m not an expert in the disorder so I’ll end it there.

Starlin Castro is a professional. He’s also a hero. My son knows two players on the Cubs roster. Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro. I’d love to see Starlin in the lineup but if he’s not contributing, then he must ride the pine. Sports is a funny business. There’s no room or time for counselling and encouragement, despite what any manager or GM might have us believe. They’re in the business of putting butts in the seat.

With streaming services available and marketing techniques that are more important than the on field product, the San Diego Padres are like a home team to the lovely folks in Nunavut. Yup, gone are the days when living in Green Bay meant something.


It’s a business. Sure, Starlin Castro is a free agent in 2021. He’s owed a lot of money, but he has to go. Not because he’s terrible, but he’ll find another opportunity with another team.

“Here’s a kid that’s almost got 1,000 hits,” Maddon said. “He’s 25 years old. He’s having a tough year. But I watch his work, and his work is good. He’s done so many good things. And I think he’s been trying a little bit too hard, and I think the potential to be traded has bothered him a little bit, too.”

He was Kris Bryant in 2009. Now? He might have played his last game for the Northsiders. Great players want to play.

Someday, Kris Bryant will be benched in favour of the Next Big Thing. That kid with the snarl on his lips and the ferociousness of a lion in his eyes.

Believe it

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