Cubs On A Roll, Schwarber Crushes Two

Chicago Cubs

It’s something to be said when team’s crush five home runs in a game.  Does it count when it’s against the Milwaukee Brewers? It’s even better when a rookie like Kyle Schwarber does it twice. That’s exactly what happened when the Cubs beat the Brewers 9-2 and collect their 7th win in a row.

I know it’s not Toronto Blue Jay material, but it’s hard to be in that category right now. For the Cubs, this is awesome and further cementing their spot in the post season.

“I’m just trying to keep my head buried and not look at it,” Schwarber said. “Once I start pressing and trying to do things I can’t control, that’s when I’ll start getting in slumps or start being a bad teammate. It’s all about being a good teammate, helping the team win and getting a ‘W’ at the end of the day.”

Doing his best Nuke LaLoosh impression,  Schwarber has just been down right incredible. Could he be in contention for Rookie of The Year honours?

“He never swings at a baseball, he hits a baseball,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon.

The other home runs came from Anthony Rizzo, Dexter Fowler and Chris Denorfia. The unique thing about this win streak is that nobody expected this to happen. We all secretly wished it to happen, but no Cubs fan in their right mind thought the Cubs would go on a tear. Now, I’m being cautious about this. All good things must end, but for right now, the Cubs are hitting, running, stealing bags and doing all the right things they need to do in order to succeed. Joe Madden and Anthony Rizzo promised the playoffs this year and so far, they’re delivering the goods.

This next series should be interesting because the Cubs will take a little road trip crosstown to face the White Sox. It’s always an interesting series, but what will make this one a little more interesting is that the White Sox are on a mini streak themselves. Three games. It’ll be tough.

The Pirates however, are facing the dangerous Mets and this could be the series where the Cubs can leapfrog the Bucs and get on track to go after the Cardinals.

“Right now it feels like we’re in a playoff game every day,” Schwarber said. “That’s the mindset we need to have.”

Believe it.

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