Cubs Edge White Sox In Series Opener

Chicago Cubs

Wearing jerseys in tribute to Ernie Banks and Minnie Minoso, the Cubs beat their crosstown rivals, 6-5 in yet another one run game.  The Cubs have won 14 of their last 15.

So what’s their secret? A lot of fingers are pointing towards Kyle Schwarber and I tell you man, the kid is going places.  He’s 22 and quietly has become a hitting machine for the North Siders. Can all of the Cubs success be attributed to “The Sultan of Schwarb”? Yeah, we know he bears an uncanny resemblance to the Bambino and somewhere, the Sultan of Swat is smiling down on Kyle, chomping on a cigar and waiting for his turn at the plate.

I have to agree with Chris Coghlan though,

“Not to take anything away from Schwarber, but I don’t think that’s the only reason why our offense is doing better,” Coghlan said. “I do think Schwarber has been a huge factor in our offense. To see what he’s done in such a short time frame, there’s just not many hitters on the planet now that are as good as he is offensively, the way he’s swinging, the way he’s feeling. He’s not missing many pitches. Any time you get a guy doing that kind of damage, you’re going to score more runs.”

He’s not the only reason the Cubs are having the success they’re having. Look at Addison Russell? Anthony Rizzo has been outstanding and since the All Star break, Dexter Fowler has finally found his groove. Of course Kris Bryant has been steady and proven to be wise amongst his years.

The reason the Cubs are playing well is they’re a team. They’re playing like a team and having fun doing it. Stalin Castro at second? Who would have thought?

Baseball is a superstitious game. Cubs fans know that more so than any other fan I suppose. Right now if the season were to end, the Cubs would be in the playoffs. I believe they’re going to make it. However, one of the joys of being a Cubs fan is the “Walking on eggshells” atmosphere surrounding the team. We don’t want to say too much in case we’re wrong. Some folks might call it getting our hopes up. Whatever the case, this fall should be interesting.

“Right now, we feel like we’re going to win every game,” Chris Coghlan said. “I think that’s the reason we’re winning a lot of them.”

Believe it.

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