Cubs Not Feeling Any Pressure

Jake Arrieta

The Cubs are continuing to claw their way to the top. Last night, they defeated the White Sox 6-3 to boost their winning streak to 9 games. Again, Kyle Schwarber came through showing that he fits right in with the majors. In the fifth inning with Dexter Fowler on first, Kyle gets a hit and drives Addison Russell home.

“I was trying to get a good at-bat and control what I could control,” Schwarber said of his at-bat. “I didn’t have two good at-bats before then. Those things, you just have to throw to the side and go on to the next at-bat, the next pitch. I just got to two strikes and was battling and able to put the ball in play.”

If anyone ever thought that Kyle Schwarber wasn’t ready for the big leagues, all though I don’t think anyone ever thought that in the first place.

It’s also nice to see others picking up on my “Sultan of Schwarb” comparison to Babe Ruth. ESPN’s Jesse Rogers nicknames him, “Kyle Ruth”

But while everyone is chatting it up or throwing bottles at Kyle Schwarber(Yes, some fan did that), let’s talk about the outstanding work by Jake Arrieta. He’s won 11 in a row and the first Cubs pitcher to do that in over twenty years.

Are you kidding me?

“We know we’re on a good run,” Arrieta said. “We don’t necessarily know how many in a row it is, we just know we’re winning. We’re not going to win them all but when we keep playing the way we are, we’ll win a lot.”

So, nine in a row. They’re fourth overall and a potential Cy Young candidate in Arrieta and a possible ROY in Kyle Schwarber. I’d say that’s some improvement over last year.

I’m going to throw something out here; Do the Cubs really need Javier Baez? Should they call him up in September or risk messing with the chemistry the Cubs currently have?

“I think when we come to the ballpark, you get to the point that you expect to win, regardless of who you’re playing,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “That’s not to denigrate the other side whatsoever — it could be the ’27 Yankees. When you’re playing with that kind of confidence, you feel like something good is going to happen somehow, someway. You’re going to ride that wave as long as you can.”

Believe it

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