Cubs Learn The Facts of Life

Chicago Cubs

There’s a theme song from an 80’s television show that goes like this:

“You take the good,you take the bad, you take them both and there you have, the Facts of Life” The Cubs learned this the hard way.

Interleague play can be cruel. The Cubs fell to the Tigers, 15-8. What can be crueler is the wind factor at Wrigley Field. When the ball travels, it travels very far. Jason Hammel saw the home runs leave Wrigley Field and last night it was Jon Lester’s turn.

“They’ve obviously been a thorn in my side for a long time,” Lester said. “That being said, I’ve still got to figure out a way to get deeper in that game, especially with how things transpired last night.”

Then there’s Kris Bryant who had a tremendous game, hitting everything that came his way. A home run, two RBI’s and a triple. Baseball’s funny that way.

“I’m just really happy it wasn’t a three-game series,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “They hit the ball. Everything they hit was hard, far. We played pretty good offense ourselves.”

Now, it might seem that I’m getting harsh on the Cubs but these losses are coming at a great time for the club. They face the Atlanta Braves who are struggling with a three game losing streak. The Cubs need this series after Detroit because come the playoffs, they’re going to be facing a lot of great teams.

Pittsburgh on the other hand, is going into a series against the always dangerous Giants.

So even though the Cubs are hitting a tough patch, their offence is springing to life at the right time. Between Bryant, Kyle Schwarber and Dexter Fowler, the Cubs bats are alive. Can the pitching find its rhythm?

“During the course of the year, guys are always going to go through struggles,” Maddon said. “I think Jason is very fixable, I think Kyle is very fixable. I’ve used the word competing, and Danny Haren competes very well. I really think we can work through the issues of Jason and Kyle.”

The Facts of Life

Believe it


  1. Minoring In Baseball · August 20, 2015

    Both teams brought plenty of offense to this series. I am happy for Norris for his accomplishment, but now he’s out so that sucks for him and the Tigers. I’m not worried about the Cubs, though, as they’re the team I’ll be watching play in October.

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