Cubs Win And Arrieta First To 15

Chicago Cubs

I hate the Atlanta Braves. There’s something about them that bugs me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not their pedigree of players that have come through their system but I just can’t put my finger on it. That’s why it was extra special seeing the Chicago Cubs demolish them on home turf 7-1. To witness the awesomeness of Mike Foltynewicz getting chased from the game, well that just says it all right there now, doesn’t it?

The hero of the game was Jake Arrieta. I can’t say enough about the guy and now he leads the Majors with 15 victories.

“I think still at this point in time, we don’t intend to be a Wild Card,” Arrieta said. “We still think we can win our division. … We’re still in a position here where we can jump some guys if we can get hot and have some good fortune with the teams ahead of us.”

On a day where the Cubs have started selling playoff tickets, the pieces are quietly coming together for the Northside heroes.

Anthony Rizzo belted a three run beauty yesterday  raising his home run totals(as well as my Fantasy stats) to 24 with Addison Russell knocking one out for good measure.

The Cubs have gotten back in the game after a couple of losses to the Detroit Tigers. Although Arrieta was pulled in the sixth but I think that was the right choice. Joe madden wants his pitchers healthy for the playoffs and I don’t blame him. Arrieta  is a definite contender for the Cy Young and I’m sure that he would trade any Cy Young award for that ultimate prize in baseball.

With American Legion week, the Cubs are taking it easy and keeping things loose. I don’t know Joe Maddon but I love his style. He’s fun but calculating and from what I see of the man; he’s exactly what the Cubs need right now.

“Just come and play some baseball like we did — like we all did when you used to show up after work in the summertime,” Maddon said. “You’d show up for your game at 4:30, 5 o’clock, and play at 6, and you did just fine. … You did not have to be here all day long. It’s a tribute to playing baseball the old fashioned way as well as to our veterans.”

Believe it


  1. Compwhiz 3001 · August 21, 2015

    Cubs largely hold their own fate. Six games left against the Pirates and Cardinals each, plus the final three with the punching bag Brewers. But first they need to come out of the West Coast unscathed.


    • Mark Gauthier · August 21, 2015

      That’s going to be tough. It all boils down to the Pirates and the Cardinals series. I’m not being skeptical but those series I’m dreading.


  2. Gary Trujillo · August 21, 2015

    I hate the Braves too…I think it’s a mixture of boring stadium, boring players, the tomahawk chop, Ted Turner and a dumb logo and cap.


    • Mark Gauthier · August 21, 2015

      I think it’s the Tomahawk Chop for me. I don’t know.It’s slighting the Aboriginal people. Without getting political, that’s what I think. They need to ban that chop.


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