Cubs Get Taught A Giant Lesson

Chicago Tribune

Uh oh! Two things to notice after last night’s defeat against the San Francisco Giants 4-2.

  1. The Giants are as plucky as ever
  2. Kyle Hendricks needs some time off.

With two of the best managers in the game today in the dugout, Joe Maddon and Bruce Bochy, the Cubs showed how inexperience they still can be and the San Francisco Giants put on display why they have those nifty patches on their sleeves.

“It was kind of a sloppy first that permitted them to get back in and that pretty much was the difference in the game,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said.

Kyle Hendricks watched as Nori Aoki put one into the bleachers in the first. It must have rattled the young pitcher and really had a hard time finding his groove again. The Cubs need to decide what they’re going to do with Hendricks. He looks like a deer in headlights when he gets up to the mound. He played decent last night but he’s a perfectionist and when he’s rattled in the playoffs, it’ll be tough.

With only their fifth loss in 26 games, these losses are blips on the radar but it can also mean that when Dexter Fowler isn’t in the lineup, the Cubs don’t fare so well.

“We have some really inexperienced people who are learning on the fly right now,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “There’s nothing to be worried about or talk negatively about. We’re learning, and I give our guys credit. We fought again.”

Although the Cubs lost a bit of ground on the Cardinals and the Pirates, this loss was what the Cubs needed. West Coast trips are difficult but everything they do from this point on is a learning process.

“I grew up a Giants fan so I went to a lot of games here growing up. This is how it was when I came here. It was fun to pitch in.” Hendricks said.

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