Cubs Get Tough Loss against Last Playoff Nemesis

Chicago Cubs

One thing you can say about the Chicago Cubs (All right, there’s plenty but this is just one) They never make things easy on themselves. Yesterday’s 4-1 loss against their most recent playoff nemesis the Los Angeles Dodgers was a lesson in humility.

Then again, it’s games like these facing opponents such as Clayton Kershaw arguably the best thrower in the game that the Cubs need.

“You can put those pitchers against the most veteran teams out there and they’re going to look like they’re taking people to school,” Anthony Rizzo said. “This is good — it’s a good test. There’s pitching all throughout the game, but to face this consecutively like we are — I’ve never been there, but I know it’ll be a grind every game [in the postseason], and that’s what we’re doing.”

Anthony Rizzo launched his 26th home run of the season in the loss. It’s not going to be an easy September. The Cubs face the Cardinals and the Pirates. After the Dodgers the Cubs will get a much needed breather when they’ll face the Reds.

“These are games we’ve got to win,” Cubs starter Jason Hammel said of facing ace pitchers. “When they’re on their game, they’re going to be tough to beat. I could say the same thing about our five starting pitchers. It is what it is, and tonight, Kershaw was better.”

September is going to be an interesting month. Fowler’s back and with the possibility that Javier Baez could see some action, my only concern is the Cardinal’s series. I still believe that the whole Cubs year will come down to the last day of the baseball season.

“They’re not robots,” Maddon said of his roster. “They’re young. They’re learning. I have no issues. I just want us to learn from our experience.”

Believe it

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