Jake Arrieta Makes History With No Hitter


When the Cubs snap a losing streak, they do it in style, don’t they? Jake Arrieta throws his very first no hitter and now leads the  Majors with 17 wins.

How sweet is that?

“It’s tough to put it into words,” Jake Arrieta said. “You think about it all the time, and as a kid, and you see other guys around the league do it and you want to be a part of that. It’s not only special for me and my family and friends, but the organization and my teammates.”

It gets better. Kris Bryant crushed another home run on his way to possibly that coveted Rookie of The Year title. You know, the only award a player can win once in their career.

The Cubs beat the Dodgers 2-0 to win the rubber game. With Arrieta reaching the 17 win plateau, the last time a Cubs pitcher did that was 2008 and we all know happened that year, don’t we?

So, Jake Arrieta is having a banner year. He’s almost reached his win totals in two seasons with Baltimore.

“As I’ve matured and gotten older, I’ve developed an understanding that what happens in the pregame and the bullpen doesn’t dictate anything leading into the game,” Arrieta said. “Once you get in between the lines, just execute. That’s the only focus. That’s the mindset I carried into games.”

Jake’s become the quiet leader among the Cubs this season. He’s brought the level of maturity with him that the young Cubs have needed. He can reach 20 wins this season, but most importantly, with his winning style, the Cubs will reach the post season and quite possibly cement their position for years to come.

“He was outstanding. I told him I’m proud of him,” Miguel Montero said. “He worked his butt off and he works harder than anyone in the game. That’s his reward right there. Hopefully more to come.”

There’s often talk about jinxing a no hitter,”You’re not supposed to say it”

I don’t believe in jinxes or curses. However, if you’re not supposed to talk about a no hitter, I might just not mention anything about another certain milestone.

Believe it.

One comment

  1. crimsonowl63 · August 31, 2015

    I thought of you and how happy you would be as soon as I heard the news! Couldn’t happen to a better team, except Cleveland, of course 😉


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