Kris Bryant’s Error Comes At The Wrong Time

Chicago Cubs

Even the best make mistakes. In yesterday’s loss to the Cincinnati Reds 7-4, Kris Bryant turned from hero in the eight with a game tying home run to making a costly error in the ninth when Reds’ Jay Bruce ‘s line drive got past the rookie.

“If you’re on the opposite corner of an infield playing third,and a lefty hits a bullet like that at you — it’s not like he’s not ready,” Maddon said. “He’s ready. That ball was just on him so quickly and that’s why it got through. I’ve no issues. He actually played a really good game at third base. He’s swinging the bat great. There’s nothing to point fingers at. He’s been playing really well.”

I’ll tell you this; if the Cubs make the post season and all fingers are pointing in that direction, it very well could be the inexperience of the rookies that would do them in should they lose.

“Obviously, you’re on cloud nine when you hit a game-tying homer and then you blow it the next inning [with the error],” Bryant said. “Sometimes baseball works that way. It’s a crazy game. … There’s nothing to hang my head about. I wished I’d blocked the ball or just tried to put a body part on it, but I wasn’t able to do that.”

It’s a tough loss for the Cubs against the Reds because of their gruelling schedule ahead. So, supposing the Cubs don’t make the post season, the part of me that is like “Hey, it’s just great that they’re competing” is gnawing at me. They’re good. This year I wouldn’t expect less.

“I was thinking about that driving in today. Everything smelled, felt, tasted exactly the same. It’s about baseball being played at this time of the year. When you get this many folks at a ballpark on a nightly basis, you feel the vibe. It’s there on a nightly basis at Wrigley Field. That’s really cool. … You win a no-hitter in Dodger Stadium, come back, get to bed at 6 o’clock, don’t play that well, and then come back and win a really tight game last night. It’s playoff stuff. I know I feel it, and I think a lot of the guys are starting to feel it too.”

Believe it.

One comment

  1. Compwhiz 3001 · September 3, 2015

    On the bright side, it’s not like Bryant blew the lead, which they never had.


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