Starlin Castro Comes Through Big For Cubs

Chicago Cubs

Starlin Castro is the guy you love to hate. He’s often ridiculed for his lack of attention and when trade talks come up, well he’s surely on the top of the list. Hey, you can count me as one of those fans that wish the guy were on another team. He makes me that nervous.

Then there’s a saying that I’m not particularly fond of, “It is what it is” that applies to the Castro situation. I figure two negatives can make a positive. Last night, that negative turned into a positive as the Cubs inched closer to the Cardinals in a thrilling 8-5 upset over those division rivals.

Starlin Castro had a great night.

“Starlin has been so professional,” Joe Maddon said. “I think he’s rested by getting some days off. We’re trying to put him in the right spots. He looks fresh out there. The ball’s coming off the bat hotter.”

Scorching would be a better word. Starlin hit a home run and collected 4 RBI’s. Yup, the kid was on fire last night but so was the rest of the team. Anthony Rizzo took one deep making it his 100th career home run. Congratulations.

Now, both Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo have been with the team for quite some time. They’ve seen their share of hard times with the Cubs. Last night was a great lesson in the power of veterans. If the veterans aren’t playing well, then no matter how good the rest of the team are, they’re not going anywhere.

“We’re moving in the right direction,” Rizzo said of the Cubs. “I feel like this team, every day, we’re getting more confident and more confident. With the group we have, that can be really scary.”

As we approach the final weeks of the season, there are a few questions.

  1. Can the Cubs take the division?
  2. Will Starlin Castro be the “Wow” factor of the Cubs making it to the post season?
  3. Has Javier Baez finally matured.(Last night he looked great)

“I don’t see why not,” Rizzo said. “Obviously, the Pirates feel the same way. We just have to keep playing baseball. We can’t worry about what anyone else is doing. We just have to keep winning ballgames and taking it one game at a time and keep getting better.”

Believe it

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