Cubs Miss Sweep. Bullpen Needs Housework

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs were this close to victory.  Use your imagination on this one, folks. In the series finale, the Cubs fell 4-3 in a five out away heartbreaker. The good news is that they won the series and of course, it was against the St. Louis Cardinals. The bad news is they should have swept the series and if they’re going to make the World Series, they have to steam roll through the Cardinals in order to get there.

“We can’t permit that to happen,” Joe Maddon said. “We played a great game. We had the right guys on their part of the batting order. We have to finish that game off.”

He’s right, too. The Cubs played a terrific game! The bullpen faltered with five outs remaining. I know it happens but c’mon, the Cubs haven’t been this close to the playoffs in seven years. It’s frustrating. The Cubs found a hole that needs repairing so maybe, just maybe that the loss was a good thing. It can teach humility after a five game winning streak going into yesterday’s matchup.

“When they don’t succeed in high leverage situations, it’s easy to point fingers. That’s just a tough one today. We have to take the positives from this three-game series. We came in here and made a little bit of a statement.” Jon Lester said.

Chris Coghlan made the highlight reel yesterday when he dove into the stands for an outstanding grab. Both him and Anthony Rizzo were vying for bragging rights over “Bleacher Feature” catches. In the dugout they were comparing notes.

“Hey Chris, did you like hot dogs with ketchup or mustard?” Rizzo probably asked.

“I thought I was going to catch it all the way,” Coghlan said. “You just don’t want to get hurt and hit your face on one of those seats.”

The Cubs get a break when they face the Phillies today in a four game series before the big ones next week against the Pirates and the Cardinals in back to back series. This is a great opportunity for the Cubs to gain precious ground on their Central Division rivals. The terrible part is that both the Pirates and the Cardinals are facing the Brewers and Reds. Could use a miracle on this one.

Believe it


  1. Compwhiz 3001 · September 10, 2015

    So Theo finally has his high on-base percentage team. Unfortunately, their weak bottom rotation and bullpen will kill them. I hope the Cubs have real arm prospects due next year, because come off-season, them and 25+ other teams will be scouring trade talks for quality pitching.


    • Mark Gauthier · September 10, 2015

      As much as I like Kyle Hendricks, he’s had an awful season and Dan Haren is probably gone next year. Pitching will happen next year.


      • Compwhiz 3001 · September 10, 2015

        It will be interesting to see what they do with Hendricks. I still like him too. I’m guessing they will think long and hard about what went wrong for him, or he may end up as a trade chip, or both.


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