Cubs Trample Phillies in Double Header

Chicago Cubs

Let’s Play Two! The Cubs looked awesome yesterday as they one both games in the doubleheader against the Philadelphia Phillies 5-1 in the first game and 7-3 in the second.

Then again, it was against the Phillies. With both the wins, it’s a safe bet the Cubs have the wild card locked up. They’re only 6 games back of the Cardinals and they could snag them.

There’s also the tale of Jake Arrietta. Wow, he notched his 19th and league leading win of the season and what about Kyle Schwarber with his back to back home runs. Two pitches, two home runs? Kris Bryant continued his campaign for rookie of the year by setting a Cubs franchise record of 90 RBI’s for a rookie. Beating out Billy Williams and Geovanny Soto.

“The consensus here is everybody’s thinking about October,” Kyle Hendricks said. “We’re that close. We can smell it. With that lead, you never can take anything for granted. We’re in a good spot.”

They’re also providing some funny moments as Kyle Schwarber slipped up rounding first base after his second home run.

“I just slipped off the bag,” Schwarber said. “I went to round it, and my foot just came off. It was pretty funny. I was laughing.”

They are in a good spot. The confidence is connecting and the depth is staggering, yes , I’m looking at you Starlin Castro, you’ve managed to pull it together these past couple of months.

Kyle Hendricks earned his seventh win in a struggling season. I think we were all relieved with that win.

“It’s pretty remarkable,” Chicago starter Kyle Hendricks said of the rookies. “You’d think they’d take a step back but they keep hitting. It’s fun to watch, especially for how young they are — just coming up, to produce like this is unbelievable. It’s fun to come to the ballpark every day and watch that.”

However, after the Cubs face Philly today, the going’s getting tough when they face the Pirates for a crucial series. The winner will leap frog and try to overtake St. Louis for the lead.

Believe it

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  1. rlincolnharris · September 12, 2015 Yesterday brought us closer to the Pirates and Cardinals, and it expanded the language, too. Enjoy today’s game!

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