Chris Coghlan And The Cubs Hit a Snag But Gear Up For Pirates

Chicago Cubs

Remember when I said baseball’s a funny game? Well, the least likely team to play spoiler to the Cubs dulled the claws of the ferocious bears of baseball. Yesterday, the Philedelphia Phillies walked away with a 7-4 win resulting in the Cubs falling a bit back of the Pirates.

Despite the loss, Chris Coghlan played a game for the ages. He recorded two triples, one which should have been a home run and he notched a home run to answer the one that should have been a home run.

Make sense?

“Every game matters, so that’s why when you split here, it feels terrible,” Coghlan said. “As good as we’ve been playing, it’s a disappointment. … We just have to take one game at a time. I think everybody in here is excited about facing the Pirates, myself included, because these are big games. Any time you play somebody ahead of you it’s two games for one you win.”

The Cubs have the day off today before facing the Pirates in Pittsburgh. It’s an unlikely scenario of a must win situation for the Cubs. In order to catch up to the Cardinals, the Cubs must sweep the Pirates( providing the Cardinals get swept in their own series against the Brewers)

No pressure, right?

“It’s a lot of fun, it’s a lot of fun for everybody,” Joe Maddon said. “This is why you work, this is why you do this thing to be in that position to play those games. It’s exciting for everybody — us, the fan base, baseball fans.”

So, it’s been quite some time when games in September mattered at all for Cubs fans. This time every year, my attention shifts solely to the CFL. The Canadian Football League.  Usually, baseball doesn’t mean that much to me in September. Sure, I dabble in the fall classic, but most of the time it’s, “Meh?” I’m a one sport kind of guy, even I don’t watch hockey until December really, after baseball and then the Grey Cup.

This fall is going to be different. The Cubs are doing well, the Blue Jays are on fire and the second year Ottawa REDBLACKS (It’s annoying their name is in all caps) are doing amazing. Hey, you’d do great in a nine team league too.

Believe it.


  1. rlincolnharris · September 14, 2015

    Yesterday’s loss just sucked. They didn’t look they were in a pennant race, with the silly mistakes they were making.

    Joe Maddon should have been the one to challenge Coughlan’s first homer/second triple, note Pete Makannin. The fan clearly touched it over the fence, and it was a home run. But the umpires never looked at it through that lens. The fact that Cogs was left stranded at third was a run that got wasted.

    And there was a play in the later innings that was also a missed opportunity. Schwarber was at first when there was a pich in the dirt, and he should have moved up to second but he didn’t. Had he been at second, he could have come in to score on the play where Rizzo and the Phillies defender collided at first base. Another run wasted.

    Need to win 3 of 4 in Pittsburgh, because anything less only helps the Pirates. And playing the wildcard game in PNC is not going o be good, no matter how brilliant Jake has been this year.


    • Mark Gauthier · September 14, 2015

      That was totally a home run. As cliches go, the Pittsburgh series is going “This is the most important series of the year” “This is where they cash their paycheques” Schwarber missed that chance.


  2. mlblogscatlovesthedodgers · September 14, 2015

    Every game does count. September can be a nail biter. Mistakes are especially frustrating! I can speak for all of us, the Dodgers would much rather play the Cubs than those Cardinals!!

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