Cubs Come Within Two of Pirates

Anthony Rizzo

The Cubs are back home today to face the Cardinals. Just like their last series against the Pirates, this series has all of the makings to be a classic showdown between division rivals.

Yesterday, the Cubs demolished the pirates with a score of 9-6. Anthony Rizzo notched his 30th home run of the season getting into Billy Williams territory of back to back 30 home run seasons.

With the victory, the Cubs are within two wins of hosting a Wild Card game.

“We come ready to play,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “Mission accomplished in the sense that our guys went out and played the same game all year.”

Kyle Hendricks continued his rough patch, getting yanked after the fourth inning. I

“I got beat on a couple pitches,” Hendricks said. “Looking at it, I was throwing across my body. Something has to click here. The offense, that was fun to watch.”

Say What? How did this happen? How did the Cubs go from the bottom of the MLB to near the top in just a year?

Today is a new day and a new series. However, this isn’t just a series, this is the Cardinals vs the Cubs. A lot is at stake in today’s afternoon slugfest. With a series victory, the Cubs can pull in front of the Pirates and secure a home field spot in the Wild Card race. Now, before that happens, the Pirates would have to lose their series against the Dodgers.

Do you think that can happen?

This would be an Ernie Bank’s dream: To play the Cardinals at Wrigley Field in September as they battle for Division champions.  That’s what it’s all about today. An afternoon game at Wrigley Field. Can it get any better than that?

Of course, I’m not a fortune teller but you have to admit that it seems that pieces are falling into place since Joe Maddon and the gang have rolled into town. I know Ernie is smiling from that Ball Park in the sky.

“Let’s Play Two”

“It’ll be nice to be home,” Maddon said. “I get to get some bike rides if the weather holds up. That will be important to me. I’m really eager to see and feel our fans at home. I think it’ll be a lot of fun.”

Believe it.

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