Chicago Cubs Still Hoping To Host Wild Card

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs’ Austin Jackson looks on at a double.

There’s a difference between professionals and amatuers. Sure, Pros get paid and amatuers don’t. There’s something more though. People like Jon Lester who have had a bad year, are suddenly coming together. He’s a proven winner and he knows how to get things done. Is he worth the $155 million? There are a lot more people who do far more important work that get paid far less. That’s professional sports and probably a debate that shouldn’t be brought up.

Jon Lester is doing his job. The Cubs are getting closer to hosting a Wild Card game. This would be monumental and a huge achievement if this were to happen. Last night the Cubs walloped the Reds 10-3, if they didn’t achieve that score I’d start to worry about the Wild Card game.

“We have a few more to go,” Jon Lester said. “It was a good one to end on. Nice to finish on that note.”

It would be nice to finish on that note, but the Cubs have that important task ahead of them and that is to host the game.

So, let’s just say for argument’s sake that Jon Lester is worth every penny of the $155 million then perhaps it’s his winning attitude that is one of the driving forces behind this successful 2015 season. Let’s face it, the whole culture of the team has shifted from previous years.

“I told Theo in the meeting that we had in the off-season, before everything kind of got going,” Lester said, “that, `Hey, man, I’m not here to grind through 2015. I want to make sure that we’re going to be contenders. I want to make sure that we’re going to be somewhat in this thing.’ I didn’t want to be in last place and have to deal with that again.”

Did anyone think the Cubs were going to be as good as they are this year? Probably not.

I figured they’d be good and maybe field a competitive team but man, what they’re doing is just downright short of a miracle. Is this team the best Cubs team in history?


Believe it.

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