Jake Arrieta and The Chicago Cubs Have A Date With Destiny

Chicago Cubs

Tomorrow, the Cubs will face the Pittsburgh Pirates. They own the season series against the 11-8 and their best pitcher will be taking the mound. Yesterday, I talked about the possibility of them not winning the Wild Card. It could happen and fans could be swallowed up with their disappointment but that’s all right.

By now, you’ve heard of student Ben Larson  @ben_larson6 who was able to switch his midterm so he could watch the game tomorrow. Now that’s dedication.

So, for all you long suffering Chicago Cubs fans, your team is back in the post season where they belong.  It’s not just the fans that are excited about the post season. The players are getting excited as well.

“Joe said at the beginning of spring training that the hardest thing to do is crack the postseason the first time,” Anthony Rizzo said. “Then you learn how to win. I think this organization has really grown, especially since I’ve been here.”

For as long as I can remember, this has been the first season in a long while where the Cubs just won. There were no high priced players, ok, Jon Lester aside. Joe Madden is a rare breed. He makes a lot of money but he also loves what he’s doing. He could have cashed his check and sat on the bench chewing Double Bubble, but the guy showed how to have fun in the game.

Then there’s Theo Epstein who helped shape and craft this team to be where they are.

“In October, it’s an odd feeling to be a nonparticipant in something you’re so invested in. During the regular season, you start counting outs. Maybe, ‘Hey, we need seven more outs. Let’s figure out how are we going to script that.’ You start doing that with 15 outs in the postseason games. Everything’s amplified.”

Scripted. That’s funny coming from a guy who’s Great Uncle helped script Casablanca. Then again, that doesn’t surprise me.

Sites like Bleacher Report have the Cubs going deep into the playoffs getting past St. Louis Cardinals. After reading that, I thought about it and that has the potential to be a series for the ages. The Cubs have every right to win that one. They’re due.

So, I wanna know how you’ll be spending your time watching and hopefully celebrating the Chicago Cubs tomorrow evening.

Believe it.


  1. Compwhiz 3001 · October 6, 2015

    I hate to say it, but I’m not in a postseason mood, unlike all the past Cub playoff runs (that I remember) going back to 1989. Part of it could be experience and temperance, but I feel a large part is the one-game play-in format. It feels like just a 163rd game. There is a huge difference when you have a 5-game series and you know your team still has at least three games plus one home game left.

    I guess I’ll check back on how I feel late Wednesday night, if the Cubs win.

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    • Compwhiz 3001 · October 6, 2015

      Correction, that should read, “at least three games INCLUDING one home game left.”


    • Mark Gauthier · October 6, 2015

      I would much rather see a five game series but I understand the reason behind the Wild Card. One thing is certain, baseball playoffs are way more exciting than hockey only because all the teams in baseball are the best. In hockey there’s more dilution when it comes to the playoffs. That being said, the Stanley Cup is still a difficult trophy to win but that’s another post altogether. Right now, we’re trying to get our menu down for tomorrow’s game. Pretty excited!


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