Cubs, Jake Arrieta Fly The W in National League Wild Card Victory Over Pirates

Chicago Cubs Win

Jake Arrieta proved many things last night but the one thing that he cemented in stone was his legacy. Sure, he could be a one trick pony but I doubt it. It doesn’t matter, last night’s 4-0 shutout of division rivals Pittsburgh Pirates was nothing short of—Awesome!

“We came out and we fought early,” said Arrieta. “We got one on the board in the first, then we kind of settled in. We got a couple more a couple innings later, and from there, it was pound the zone and try to get as many outs as quick as possible.”

That’s pretty much the short of it.

Today I’m going to be brewing my special Fly The W Coffee IPA in honour of the Chicago Cubs.

Why an IPA?

Bitter because it’s been too long between World Series and coffee for those late night games. It won’t be ready before the Series but it’ll be nice after the parade.

It wasn’t just Arrieta in last night’s game getting things done.

There’s a few other things though. Like, Dexter Fowler’s incredible homer and notching three hits and three runs adding to his legendary status of being one of the best leadoff hitters in the game.

Kyle Schwarber showed everyone what he can do with a third inning home run that had just as much swagger and confidence as the Great Bambino. Yes, this “Sultan of Schwarb” delivered a blast and then dropped his bat in a way that says,”That’s where the bat’s dropping on my next one”

“Unbelievable gutsy performance by the team. [The] 4-0 [score] is misleading. There was a lot of drama in that game, a lot of emotion, a lot of tension. Jake had to find a second gear after all that drama in the sixth inning. … We’re on a nice little run here in October. Congratulations to the Pirates on a great regular season. They [ought] to feel they should be going on, too. It’s a great organization. We’re thrilled to keep this magical season going.” says Cubs’ President of baseball operations Theo Epstein.

It was a tense game that was billed as a “Pitcher’s Duel” but in a bases loaded situation, Jake Arrieta looked nervous and a little frustrated. The Cubs managed to get out of it. Although there were some other heated situations after Arrieta beaned a couple of Pirates accidentally. At Arrieta’s turn at the bat he was rocked by a pitch that had a little meaning behind it which resulted in a bench brawl.

“I’m never trying to hit or hurt anybody,” said Arrieta. “Balls were slick tonight. I just lost it a couple times. It kind of ran away from me. I expected that. They’re going to take care of their own guys. It’s understandable. Everything after that was fine.”

So today, the Cubs can rest easy and celebrate their first post season win in twelve years. They can #FlyTheW before preparing for the St. Louis Cardinals on Friday because folks, that’s the series everyone’s been waiting for. Bitter rivals fighting for a World Series berth.

“I’m really excited. I know our guys are about the opportunity to play in St. Louis and then bring it back to Wrigley. How about that? We get a chance to bring it back to Wrigley. That’s pretty solid.” says Joe Maddon.

October baseball.

Believe it.


  1. Minoring In Baseball · October 8, 2015

    Great game for Arietta and the Cubs! Still a long way to go, but one hurdle at a time. I do think that they match up well against the Cards, just too bad the three teams with the best records are fighting it out in the wildcard/first round…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mark Gauthier · October 8, 2015

      The Cubs are locked in. I’ll tell you Mike, I’m like the Pied Piper of Cubs baseball up here. Everyone’s on that wagon. Blue Jays/Cubs. Pretty fun!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. jim kane · October 8, 2015

    The cubs will beat the cardinals. The cubs are on a roll. The Cardinals have a sporadic offense. their rotation the final month was spotty. Arrieta will pitch on monday. The Cardinals must win their games against the other starters because they will not beat Arrieta. The Cardinals would have a better chance if Wainwright was to start. I may be wrong, but the Cubs have momentum, swagger and confidence. Would not be surprised if Cubs take it all. By the way, the Pirates were one of the more overrated teams in baseball. Their season record vs the Brewers was 9-10, while they were 7-11 against the reds. So they finished 5 games under .500 against two of the worst teams in the national league. Anyway good riddance to Pittsburgh. I will finish saying that i am a Cardinal fan, but would not be at all surprised if the take the series. Hope i am wrong.


    • Mark Gauthier · October 8, 2015

      The Cubs are playing great ball. They’re young but playing like veterans. I’m always scared of the Cardinals. I think the Cubs can beat them and they can beat the Dodgers should it end up that way. I love October! Up here in Canada everyone’s Blue Jays crazy and I hope they do well except of course should they meet the Cubs.

      Liked by 1 person

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