Cubs #FlyTheW and Ernie Banks is Smiling

It’s even. The Cubs win 6-3 and tie the NLDS at a game a piece. Game three heads to Chicago on Monday afternoon at 6 EST.

Kyle Hendricks was solid in his post season debut.

“We knew we had to get a win here,” Cubs starter Kyle Hendricks said. “We wanted to go back to Wrigley with the chance to win both of those and put it away. With Jake on the mound in Game 3, it’s huge to keep this momentum going. Hopefully, we can get them both.”

We hope so too but it was the home run by Jorge Soler in the second inning that set the tone for the game putting the Cubs up 5-1. He even does a Helmet Rub:

Chicago Cubs

There was a confidence and a swagger in yesterday’s game that was missing in game one. If it were opening game jitters, they were quickly squashed away yesterday.

The party in Chicago will be like no other. This is the moment they’ve been waiting for. Bars will be packed and everyone will #FlyTheW high on every street corner. If the Cubs do go on to win it all, they can look back on this game and say that it was the turning point in the series.

“Enjoy every moment of this,” Joe Maddon said. “That’s the thing I think that needs to be understood. We’re in a unique position right now. We have worked very hard to get here, and if you’re a fan and don’t enjoy this, if you’re a player and don’t enjoy that, then you’re really not doing this properly, so from my perspective, fans, continue to worry, please. From our perspective, we have to just go and play.”

The Cubs are in a good place right now. Jake Arrieta takes to the mound on Monday at Wrigley Field. Somewhere, Ernie Banks and Ron Santo are cheering them on. Fans will fill the streets, the Field, the bars and yes, Canada too will be cheering them on in the hopes that Someday We’ll Go All The Way.

Chicago Cubs

Do we worry because we care so much?

“The fans should always worry,” Maddon said. “It’s always the prerogative of a fan to worry. I absolutely believe in that. That’s what bar rooms are for. That’s what little forums are for online in this 21st century stuff. The fans should always worry … go ahead and worry as much as you’d like. From our perspective, we have to just go out and play the game like we always do. I’m here to tell you, man, I just can’t live that way.”

Believe it


  1. sarahlouisek · October 12, 2015

    What a beautiful thing for you to post. Thank you!
    I read that Eddie Vedder joined the Cubs in the dugout for pre-game in either Pittsburgh or St. Louis recently. Kind of like a good luck charm. Very cool.


  2. Mark Gauthier · October 13, 2015

    It was nice to see Ernie for the seventh inning stretch. A perfect night at Wrigley.


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