Canuck Cubbie’s All Over The Map

Chicago Cubs


Opening Day in baseball is unlike any other sport. It’s filled with tradition. Each player on their respective team has dreams of winning the World Series. Every team is equal on Opening Day.

“After Opening Day, we have 161 games left to play, and that’s our concern,” Arrieta said Wednesday. “It is an honor, obviously. I was able to get an Opening Day start early in my career, during a different point in my career. It’s kind of a new chapter not only for myself, but everybody here. We’re looking forward to the journey.” Jake Arrieta said after being named as Cubs’ starter.

Sure, you can say that every sport is ripe with tradition, whether it’s Walter Payton, Wayne Gretzky or Magic Johnson, but baseball is different. You can argue that there will be no other heroes like Babe Ruth, Ted Williams or Mickey Mantle but consider that baseball is “America’s Pastime” and these guys played in an era where change and strife were prevalent in North America. Baseball helps forget and in many ways, heal. Those three hours are spent catching up with friends, teaching the kids about strike zones and curveballs and taking a breather from those “everyday stresses”

That’s why I love the game.

Today, the Cubs begin the Spring Training season playing the Brewers. It’s an opportunity to see young players try to earn spots on the roster but really just a glimpse into the game and what is to come.

“You’ll see guys all over the map, you’ll see different batting orders,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “I think we’re all eager to start playing a game a little bit.”

With all the talk and hype over the winter, I’m anxious to get the ball rolling on a new season. Everywhere I go, people are surprised and stunned a little bit that baseball is back.

“Where did the winter go?”

We’ve had some nasty weather recently and sub zero temperatures here, so seeing the Arizona trees is a welcome sight.

Believe it.

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