Cubs Can’t Get Out Of Dodgers Way

Kris Bryant

Now, before folks go off all half crazy over the Cubs string of losses in the the Cactus League play, let’s not forget their torrid start last year when they went 0-8. It’s practice, right?


Yesterday, the Cubs fell victim to the Los Angeles Dodgers with a score of 7-3. This is still the Dodgers with Clayton Kershaw warming up.

The good news is Kris Bryant and David Ross took one deep. David Ross? Oh man, I wish this was the regular season.

Plus, as much as I like Kyle Hendricks, he was facing Kershaw which would send jitters through the most seasoned hurler in the majors, so I could just imagine what Hendricks was going through.

“It’s a different feel,” Hendricks said. “Even when you’re facing a guy like that, even though it’s Spring Training, you know he’s over there. I was trying to do the same goals I had in my first outing, which was slow everything down, make some pitches, and I felt pretty good about it.”

He should feel good about it too because there’s a lot of rust that still needs to come off the arm before the season gets under way.

So, it looks like Jake Arrieta wants to stick around for a few more years. It’ll cost the Cubs but they like him, the fans like him and most importantly, if he pitches well, then he deserves a contract extension.

“Where we left it was they wanted to extend me for a shorter period of time than we would like,” Arrieta said. “Plain and simple, I want to stay here for six or seven years, and that’s it. If I’m going to sign a deal, that’s kind of the neighborhood we need to be in.

Now, that sounds like baseball talk. Arrieta is comparing himself to the likes of David Price, Max Scherzer and all those other guys but I’m still leery about this. Jake’s a great pitcher but let’s call it what it is, he had a great season, maybe a season worthy of a Hall of Fame, but I don’t think winning a Cy Young constitutes a mega deal just yet. I’m waiting to see how he does this season.

“There’s no hard deadline, and there are no active talks,” Epstein said. “Jake’s priority is helping the team come together as a unit and preparing for the season. The last thing he wants, or we would want, is to create any type of distraction. There will be quiet moments out of the competitive spotlight in the future where it will make sense to talk again. It’s not something that’s going on now, or probably will as the season begins. Jake’s going to be a Cub for the next two seasons, at a minimum,” Epstein said. “We hope it’s longer than that. That provides a lot of time to get something done.”

The unfortunate part of baseball is money. I think it’s the right thing and gentlemanly thing to do by not discussing contracts until later. No distractions in this potentially historic season.

Believe it.

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