Cubs Win one and Lose One But it Was Awesome

Jason Hammel

There are many things I love in this world. My wife, my son, having a beer on the back deck listening to @LenKasper and Jim Deshaies telling me “It’s a beautiful day for Cub’s baseball” but the one thing I really, really, really love is the sound of “Cubs win, Cubs win!” after they crush their crosstown rivals, the White Sox.

“I went through the Angels and Dodgers, which I thought was a legitimate rivalry,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “For years, they were trying to make the Rays versus the Marlins a rivalry, which I thought was contrived and wasn’t necessarily true. Obviously the Cubs and White Sox are real. When you talk to the fans in the city, people approach me — I love when I get approached by the White Sox fans. He will give me a hard time about what happened recently but at the end of it he’s very respectful, ‘nice going, we’re gonna get you,’ all this stuff. I really think that’s pretty cool. It’s legit, and I’m glad that it’s there.”

Ok, my wife just walked into the room, forget what I said. She’s still the tops.

Anthony Rizzo got a two run single to power the Cubs to victory 9-2. Our fearless leader brought his game to Sloan Park.

“You saw today, from top to bottom, and even the young guys we had in there today — if we can get three or four runs with our pitching staff, we’ll be pretty darn good,” Jason Hammel said. Who pitched four innings and getting those arms stretched a little farther.

The bats were in fine form as Dexter Fowler put one out there for a fan adding to his spring total of two home runs. Slowly, the Cubs are feeling their potential and gaining practice for the regular season.

In the late game, the Cubs came close but ultimately the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Cubs 6-5. As the “Unofficial blogger of the Chicago Cubs in Canada” I have to say that I cringe during the regular season at west coast games. Sometimes they go into the wee hours of the morning and folks, I just can’t do those games.


along comes this kid Austin Barnes , who connected on his third homer of the season. This kid is going to be awesome. I really enjoy watching him and might just stay up a few nights to marvel  in his geniuses.

“You can’t overlook Austin Barnes. You have to like the bat and the athleticism, the versatility that he creates. As we move through spring training, we’ll talk a little more. There is no one set way to construct a roster, and we’re exploring options.” Manager Dave Roberts said.

That’s what makes spring training so cool. Seeing these young players do their stuff and every once in awhile a potential Hall of Famer shines through on their way to Cooperstown.

Believe it.



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