Cubs Make Padres Pay For Sins



It’s hard to imagine how good this team is going to be after an 11-1 shellacking of the San Diego Padres. I mean that sincerely because Kris Bryant, Ben Zobrist and even Miguel Montero wasn’t playing. That’s pretty impressive. It turned out to be the Dexter Fowler/ Jason Heyward show at Peoria.

Heyward led the Cubs attack with two doubles and three RBI’s while Fowler chipped in by adding two more runs.

”We have a lot of different ways we can put up runs and from Dexter and I’s standpoint, we can do a little bit of everything,” Heyward said. ”But yeah, it’s just nice to get on base and put pressure on the other team and try and set the table for the guys behind us.”

Which is exactly what they’re hire to do.  I mean, they got five runs in the first inning alone!

So now that we’ve determined that the Chicago Cubs’ offence is pretty darn good, there’s just one lingering question;

Will Jorge Soler pick it up?

He dropped a couple of balls on Monday in the loss to the Padres and that’s just spring. There’s no denying he’s pretty decent at the plate, but if the Cubs are going to go all the way, it’s gotta be defence.

“A lot of it has to do with information and drill work. Those are the two things I think he needs, and he’s getting that right now. He throws well. He’s shown he’s capable of making good plays. It’s like his hitting — his pitch selection went away from him, and then he got it back.” Joe Maddon said.

It’s funny because I thought I’d be worried about the bottom of the rotation but it’s kind of like now I’m a little too cautious about Soler and maybe Kyle Schwarber.

“I don’t have any preconceived notions,” Maddon said. “If it’s a tough lefty in a DH game, you still might not see (Schwarber). If we have enough right-handed coverage, you might see the righties in that game. But I would not say I’m advocating Schwarber over Soler defensively. It would just depend on the particular moment, what I’m seeing.”

For the first time since Joe Maddon began with the Cubs, I’m starting to see a little worry behind those glasses.

Believe it.

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