Chicago Cubs Topple Giants 16-14

Kris Bryant

Joe Camporeale/USA TODAY Sports


Some games are pretty and then some games are very ugly. Yesterday’s 16-14 not so quite destruction of the San Francisco Giants looked like a Spring Training game although it should have had the look of a well oiled machine.

Jake Arrieta was starting and the Giants took a commanding 7-1 lead into the third inning. Arrieta left the game early due to a blister and isn’t expected to miss any starts.

“It was the right move,” Arrieta said. “There’s no point in staying out there and having the same thing happen over and over to each hitter. We’ll let it heal and go from there.”

Hey, it’s only spring training, right?

But something happened in the fifth inning when the Cubs put up 8 runs to take a 13-11 lead. Now, I don’t know about you but I’m not always a big fan of ultra high scoring games. It’s great that there’s a lot of runs scored but it doesn’t always make for an exciting game.

There was an unusual incident in the fourth inning when Jason Heyward was accused of calling the pitches. Dexter Fowler was on second when Heyward was called out on strikes and says to Fowler, it was a front door cutter.

“I looked out at second base to see what Dexter had — ‘What have you got, like ball or strike?'” Heyward said. “I thought it might have been around the plate. Either way, I’m out, I know that, bottom line. Next thing you know, I see Buster coming out of my periphery and saying, ‘Hey, hey, hey,'” Heyward said. “I was like, what’s going on? Then I saw Madison. I wasn’t looking out at anybody, I wasn’t trying to show anybody up.”

Ah, but baseball is a gentleman’s game.

Is it a concern that Kris Bryant hasn’t homered too much this spring? He only has one this spring compared to nine last year. It could be that pitchers are used to him now but I disagree. Good hitters are good hitters and firmly believe that it’s because of the Cubs depth. I would rather have him not hitting too many over the fences now then having him not get any later.

“So far this spring, I just missed a couple homers — hit one off the fence, flew out to the track numerous times,” Bryant said. “That’s good for me and the ball flight for me is better. It’s not a really high fly ball, it’s a better swing path through the ball.”

The Cubs have a lot of potential and judging from yesterday’s come from behind victory, maybe home runs aren’t always the answer. I mean Bryant collected three RBI’s yesterday.   It’s just another way the Cubs will beat the competition this year.

“He’s going to hit his home runs,” Joe Maddon said. “Technically, he’s got a better swing. The work they’ve done, it’s better than it was last year at the same time. There’s no comparison on what he’s able to do and the variety of different pitches he can handle with this kind of adjustment.”

Believe it.

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