Arrieta Could Win Batting Title

Jake Arrieta

I think Jake Arrieta should run for President of The United States. He’d give all those presidential hopefuls a run for their money.

The Stare!

Yesterday, not only did the Cubs beat the Diamondbacks 7-3 and Arrieta picking up the win, but he absolutely crushed a 440 ft home run that they might have to enshrine in those nifty collector’s boxes you find at Cooperstown.

“I hit it good,” Arrieta said. “That one felt pretty nice. It felt like hitting it off the sweet spot on a seven iron.”

So the Cubs finished their west coast road trip 5-1 margin and are ready to kick off life back home in Chicago. Yeah, that frigid place where balaclavas in April are the norm. Tonight’s temperature is expected in the 30’s or for you fellow Canadians, between 0-5 Celsius.


This will mark the 101st home opener at Wrigley Field and the fans are just going to go nuts.

“It’s a special time in Chicago, obviously for Cubs fans but also for us,” Arrieta said. “It’s what you live for, starting a season off like we have and going home to play in front of your home crowd is a special feeling.”

So far the Cubs have been living up to all expectations in the early goings and if Mr. Arrieta continues the way he’s been doing, he could possibly not the batting title as well.

“We’ve been playing a complete game. Batting order up and down is working good at-bats, defense has been pretty tight. We’ve been catching the ball pretty well. Baserunning, which nobody talks about, has been extraordinary. The pitching has been really, really good, starters and relievers. You play a complete game like we’ve played over the first six games, you should win several games. We’re just playing good baseball.” Manager Joe Maddon said.

It’s going to be an evening game against the Cincinnati Reds with Jon Lester getting the call.

If you’re heading down to Wrigley to catch all the action(regrettably, I’ll be huddled in a blanket watching from my sofa) here’s some suggestions you might want to consider.

For those of you watching from the cheap seats at home like me, what are your Opening Day traditions? We’ll be having Chicago Style Sausages with Cubs paraphernalia brought up from the Man Cave as that once a year thing before heading back down to the cave.

It’s an exciting day not just for baseball or Chicago, but the home opener signifies get togethers, hope and traditions. It’s the unofficial kick off to spring and rejoicing in all that is good.

“It’s the history,” said David Ross, the gray-bearded catcher who won a ring with the Red Sox at Fenway Park. “I love going in there and feeling the energy. Old ballparks, the fans are right on top of you, and the green. … For me, all the old, faded green, I love it.

“I love the tight quarters. It just feels like baseball. You’re crammed into this little bitty dugout at Wrigley. Some people complain. I love it. You get to know your teammates, and everybody’s cheering, and nobody lets anybody slide.

“Big dugouts seem empty sometimes.”

Believe it.


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