The Gloves Come Off in Cubs Sweep of Pirates

Chicago Cubs

Has anyone been able to figure out Chicago Cubs’ ace pitcher, Jon Lester? Yeah, neither have I. He pitched 5+ innings of great ball. The Cubs swept their rival Pittsburgh Pirates in a 6-2 victory. Lester was incredible and the Cubs are looking more and more like the World Series favourites in this young season.

“We pitched really well, and we’ve done that the whole year,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “The offense was good again, but the part that permits the offense to get into the flow of the game is the pitching has been so good. We’ve been able to stay at least even most of the time or on top of the other side, and offensively, we keep having good at-bats during the course of the game and then have a chance to wear people down by the end. That’s pretty much been [the] road map to this point.”

So would somebody tell me why does Jon Lester continually not throw to first?

I say continually because like last year, Lester threw his glove with the ball inside, to Anthony Rizzo.

Not technically illegal, but still, why can’t he toss the ball and keep his glove?

Anyways, as long as it gets the job done.

Pitching is one thing, but the run differential that the Cubs are amassing this season is incredible. They’re not just winning series after series but they’re downright demolishing other teams. Their run differential is unreal. They’re averaging 6.12 runs per game!

“I feel like we constantly put pressure on the other team,” Cubs catcher David Ross said. “I don’t think we’re waiting for our break, obviously that’s what you are striving to do, is play clean games. We get a little break there and the three-run shot by Zobrist.”

They can get depth from every player. Sure, Jason Heyward was a big offseason signing, but they got him for his defence.

“The fact that we can give Jason [Heyward] some rest and still play well is a good thing,” Maddon said. “Go up and down the lineup — everyone is contributing.”

Even the pitchers are outhitting some DH’s in the American League.

I was a little sceptical but after yesterday’s win, I think the Cubs can maintain their winning ways throughout the season.

“I don’t think anybody in here views any series different from any other,” Jake Arrieta told the Tribune’s Paul Sullivanon Sunday. “I don’t. I think everybody here has a pretty good understanding there’s not a game throughout the season that isn’t important.” Looking ahead at the May schedule, certainly the Cubs will face tougher opponents, but the focus will remain the same—raise the W flag. Keep your eye on the prize.

Believe it



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