Cubs Show Their Pride Against Nationals

Chicago Cubs


It was the match up they promised. Two teams poised to go far this season. A former manager returning to Wrigley’s sacred field trying to carve a destiny of his own but Last night, the mighty Chicago Cubs proved why Dusty Baker, the often booed Daniel Murphy and the rest of the Washington Nationals do not belong in the same category as the Cubs.

The Cubs beat the Nationals 5-2 behind crafty Kyle Hendricks who pitched six shutout innings.  The Cubs are on their way to their best start in history. Right now, they’re 21-6. Their best since 1907 when they went 23-5

“I don’t look at the actual numbers, but I know what some of those guys are doing,” Hendricks said. “It’s unbelievable. We keep pushing each other like we’ve talked about. It’s every next guy. They got to pass the baton and keep it rolling.”

The first time the Cubs faced Daniel Murphy, the boos were inevitable. The tensions were flaring and even Dexter Fowler was ejected for a questionable call. I don’t think it was the right thing for the Umpire to eject Fowler because it was a strike but Fowler was arguing about the strike zone. There were a few so so calls.

“I’m always respectful,” Fowler said. “I asked, ‘Is that the top of the zone?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ I said, ‘Are you going to call it away and down?’ I want to know the strike zone. He said, ‘That’s enough.’ I said, ‘Enough of what? I’m asking you a question.'”

It was a fair question because of Fowler’s Lead-Off abilities. Knowing where the strike zone is crucial to the guy because if the Umpire is calling low strikes and not always the high ones, it’s going to adjust Fowler’s strategy.

Agree to disagree with both of them.

Last night’s game tested the Cubs’ mettle. They have to win this series to prove to themselves that they’re as good as the papers say they are.

“The Nationals are a great team and they’ll be good for the rest of the season,” Ben Zobrist said. “We played good ball tonight, and they got a taste of it. But we’ve got three more games against them.”

Another key player who had an outstanding game was Tommy La Stella who went 3 for 4 with a double and two runs. He’s an outstanding offensive weapon that the Cubs will use throughout the season. It’s awesome to watch him.

A sweep of the Nationals will prove the Cubs are the best. Tonight’s matchup will pit John Lackey against another veteran Matt Scherzer. This series is playing like an award winning teams. You’ve got Manager of The Year Joe Maddon, Rookie of The Year Kris Bryant, Cy Young winners and National League MVP Bryce Harper. It’s no wonder these are the two best teams in baseball.

“If you’re a Major League Baseball fan, I want to believe you’ll be looking in our direction for the next four days — it’s good stuff,” Maddon said.

Believe it.


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