Cubs Win Series, Look For Sweep On Mother’s Day


Chicago Cubs

Is there anything the Chicago Cubs can’t do? Yesterday’s 8-5 victory marked their 6th win in a row and also catapulted them into some very special company.  It’s their best start since before the Model T hit car lots everywhere.

“When you win games like we did today, it’s a game you can draw from,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “Our guys know not to quit. It exemplifies, personifies ‘stay with it.’ [The Nationals] are a very talented team. Everything we did today was very complementary. The whole group complements each other so well.”

Let me talk about Addison Russell, besides my wife thinking he’s adorable, the kid is probably without saying he’s underrated, because he’s not, is in my opinion, the guy who makes the Cubs that much better. We know Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant are going to bring their bats. Dexter Fowler‘s speed will always get them on base, it’s just what he does but Russell, there’s the guy who’s quiet plate presence is something of a bygone day. To me, he’s the consummate ballplayer.  You want OBP? .317 What about HR? he hit 13 last season. The one stat that can’t be printed in the Who’s Who In Baseball is Awesome. He comes through in the clutch situations. You want game changing moments, you call Russell.

“He does that,” Maddon said. “When it’s hot, he’s there, he’s in present-tense mode. Base hit up the middle [in the sixth], and then the slicer. You would think with that wind today it would be really difficult to score runs. I didn’t anticipate all of that.”

They also have help from the elements. With a wind that stopped balls in their tracks, nobody knows quite for sure what to expect at Wrigley Field.

Driving down here, it was difficult driving.” said Cubs manager Joe Maddon. “Up Clark (Street) toward the ballpark heading into the wind. It’s beautiful going from yesterday to today, and you’re expecting an entirely different kind of a game. It’s like no other place. There’s no other ballpark I’ve been involved with anywhere that can change so dramatically from day to day. But that’s what it is, and it’s a beautiful thing.”

Yes, it is a be beautiful thing being a Cubs fan this season. With their record at 23-6, they can go for the series sweep over the Nationals today. Mother’s Day of all the days to go for that. Pink bats and all. Jake Arrieta takes to the mound. The Cubs’ ace pitcher will go for his 7th victory of the season. If the Cubs win today, they will not only sit atop of baseballs mountain, but solidify themselves as the team to beat.

“We’re doing the little things right,” Chicago starter Jason Hammel said. “Everybody’s doing their job when they can. Bench guys have been impressive. Kalish coming off the bench, Tommy with a good at-bat, and obviously Addison.”

Happy Mother’s Day.

Believe it.

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