Mrs. Baez Proud of Her Cub

Javier Baez

It’s fitting that Javier Baez hit that walk off home run. It’s just downright poignant, in fact. Yesterday, in case you hadn’t heard the party rumbling as far as Canada that the Chicago Cubs beat the Washington Nationals 4-3 to sweep the series.

On Mother’s Day of all days to hit a walk home run is just special. Mrs. Baez is proud of her son.

“You can see how much power he’s got,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “That was pretty much a one-hand flip of the bat. That had rockets on it, man, and that was really well struck.”

So what if Jake Arrieta didn’t get the win? We just discovered he’s human and every human has a day off.

“An incredible series and a pretty special way to end it the way Javy did today,”Arrieta said.

This was definitely the series that’s going to define the rest of the Cubs season. The way they battled back in yesterday’s matchup and reached down deep in the end to get that home run by Baez. If this is their year, it’s going to be one to remember. They’re dominating every team in every game  in just about every category. The other thing that’s making it so special, that little secret that every Chicago Cubs fan knows, is that there is nobody on this planet that remembers the last time the Cubs were so dominant. There was nobody alive the last time they won the World Series.

The fact that they’re 24-6 and have won seven in a row is huge, but does it, or will it transform into a World Series victory? Odds are in their favour, but here are some interesting results.

The Chicago Cubs have outscored their opponents 180-79 and their 6.21 Runs Per Game average is tops in baseball. Now, I can just gush all that I want about these North Siders but nobody can deny that they’re the feel good story in sports for the season. Long time fans aren’t pointing their fingers, “I told you so”No, they’re just smiling with satisfaction that their time has come and they’re playing great baseball. If, at the end of the season and they don’t win it all, it could be disappointing in that “I opened a Christmas present and wasn’t expecting this?” kind of way, but they will wear that shirt with pride knowing they gave it their all and that’s all that anyone can expect.

“Year 2 is easier to vibe to the same frequency as him Maddon,” Anthony Rizzo said, using his manager’s vernacular. “We don’t really wrap our head around it [the team’s record], but it is a good start.”

Believe it.



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