Cubs Hit Back To Back Home Runs In Loss

Jason Heyward

Even when the Chicago Cubs lose, as they did to the Milwaukee Brewers last night by a score of 4-2, they look good doing it. Jason Heyward and Kris Bryant broke up Chase Anderson’s bid for a shutout by crushing back to home runs in the ninth inning.

“I’m kind of surprised I didn’t get the silent treatment, to be honest,” Heyward said. “But I think with the circumstances with us not getting any runs, no hits and whatever. I thought I’d get the silent treatment. … I don’t know if they’re afraid of me, or they said, ‘Hey, we’re on the board finally.’ Maybe the next one, I’ll get the silent treatment.”

After signing a whopping eight year 185 million dollar contract with the Cubs, Heyward has been off to a slow start. This was his first home run of the season and Cubs fans have been feeling worried about his sluggish performance.

I think it’s always difficult for better teams to play the not so great teams because they don’t have anything to lose and sometimes they take these teams for granted. Are the Milwaukee Brewers as bad as their record says or did the Cubs play a slightly more relaxed game then they’re accustomed to?

“Teams that are struggling a bit are the teams that worry me even more, because when they’re playing a better team, that’s when they bring out the best in them,” Joe Maddon said.

Kyle Hendricks had a great outing despite the loss. Every game he gets better and better. I watched his performance last night closer than I normally do and just the way he delivers those pitches across the plate with accuracy and command. He almost looks like he belongs in another era of the game. There’s no surging power from his arm, but the lanky hurler pinpoints exactly where the ball wants to go. Sure, his fastball tops out at maybe if he’s lucky 88 MPH, but he continues to fool batters and when they do hit off of him, there’s a bounce and they’re out at first. People have compared him to Greg Maddux, but he’s really coming into his own this season. Hendricks is probably the best five spot thrower in the game.

“Kyle did his thing,” Heyward said. “He didn’t have run support.”

Believe it.

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