Cubs Bring Down Giants and Arrieta Dominates

Jake Arrieta

The Chicago Cubs had a rough time in Milwaukee. That wasn’t the case last night when the Cubs started a three game series with the impressive San Francisco Giants. In what could possibly be a precursor to a fall matchup, the two, uh, giant teams of baseball duked it out with the Cubs coming out victoriously 8-1 and ending the Giants’ eight game winning streak.

Jake Arrieta (8-0) was in spectacular form in a possible Cy Young year. in seven innings of work, the right-handed specialist gave up one run.

“I’m telling you, there’s another level we haven’t seen yet this year,” Joe Maddon said. “His numbers are good, his velocity is good, his spin on the breaking ball is good, changeup’s good. Everything is good. But his command has been off. Even in the [last] no-hitter, his command was off the first part of that game and he got it after about the fourth inning. Once he gets the feel where the ball’s going again, you will have better starts out of him. It’s just the truth.”

The only casualty in the lopsided win occurred when Jason Heyward crashed into the outfield wall after making one of the best catches this Cubs fan has ever seen. He left the game and there’s no update on the extent of the injury.

“There was a long way to run,” Heyward said. “There was a lot of space, enough to make the play. You try to slide in a way you don’t land on your wrist. The momentum took me to the wall.”

I hope he’s all right.

In the second inning, Kris Bryant crushed a three run homer as the Cubs took a 5-0 lead. Although, Bryant is a game breaker, it was nice to see Jorge Soler find his touch again when he destroyed the leather off of the ball in the eighth inning. Baseball is a game of slumps and streaks. We know that Soler has that arm and at any given time, his power comes through.  I hope it’s here to stay.

I’ll tell you, the Brewers beat up the Cubs in the last series and we all know that they’re not the cream of the crop in baseball. So I was expecting this Giants series to be start off being a matchup of low scoring and tight pitching and not the blowout we saw last night.

There’s been a lot of speculation to Jake Arrieta’s mythic season. Reports of PED use just hampers his historic run. Sure, I’d be disappointed if they were true but it has not been proven and let’s face it, baseball fans and sports fans alike love his story. Baseball particularly makes a great story. That’s why there’s lots of films made about “America’s Pastime”

The magic of baseball lies in the ability to transport us away from life’s not so great stories. It’s always been that way and will continue to be that way. If Arrieta did use PEDs then he’s only hurting himself. Baseball will endure with or without him.

“That kind of speculation, I’ve found it to be distasteful,” Commissioner Rob Manfred said. “I can’t think of a better word. It’s just inappropriate.”

“There’s one way to know. Did he test positive or did he not?”

When people ask me why I enjoy watching the Cubs I tell them the story of the team. Maybe I like rooting for the underdogs. In a country that has only one baseball team(everyone is a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays) I bring them up to date on Cubs baseball. Now friends and family are enjoying their historic run. They’ve empathized with me when the team wasn’t playing so well and marvelled at the team’s dominance these past two years. I think secretly, everyone is a Chicago Cubs fan at heart.

Believe it.




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