Cubs Win, Arrieta on Record Setting Run

Chicago Cubs

If the game of baseball is filled with peaks and valleys, then Jake Arrieta is striving to reach his peak. Does he even have one? The Chicago Cubs beat the St. Louis Cardinals 9-8 but not only were they victorious but Arrieta became 9-0 for the 2016 season.

Impressive, right?

Well, there’s more. Arrieta tied a MLB record set by Kris Medlin. The Cubs have won 23 straight games when Arrieta is on the mound. Is it too early to be whispering Arrieta and Cooperstown?

He’s in pretty good company with a WAR of 8.0 this season.

Most WAR From Age 29 On
Randy Johnson 96.7 1993-2009 104.3 92.7% Yes
Phil Niekro 92.9 1968-1987 97.4 95.4% Yes
Lefty Grove 88.1 1929-1941 109.9 80.2% Yes
Roger Clemens 85.1 1992-2007 139.4 61.0% No
Gaylord Perry 78.4 1968-1983 93.7 83.7% Yes
Pete Alexander 76.1 1916-1930 117.0 65.0% Yes
Cy Young 72.7 1901-1911 170.3 42.7% Yes
Warren Spahn 72.3 1950-1965 92.6 78.1% Yes
Curt Schilling 68.6 1996-2007 80.7 85.0% No
Greg Maddux 63.9 1995-2008 104.6 61.1% Yes
Dazzy Vance 63.0 1922-1935 62.5 100.8% Yes
Bob Gibson 62.6 1965-1975 81.9 76.4% Yes
Walter Johnson 60.0 1917-1927 152.3 39.4% Yes
Eddie Plank 59.7 1905-1917 86.5 69.0% Yes
Nolan Ryan 58.4 1976-1993 83.8 69.7% Yes
Red Faber 56.4 1918-1933 68.4 82.5% Yes
Tom Seaver 54.5 1974-1986 106.3 51.3% Yes
Jack Quinn 54.5 1913-1933 59.0 92.4% No
Carl Hubbell 53.2 1932-1943 67.8 78.5% Yes
Tom Glavine 52.7 1995-2008 74.0 71.2% Yes
Kevin Brown 52.4 1994-2005 68.5 76.5% No
Mike Mussina 50.1 1998-2008 82.7 60.6% No

The Cubs have now won two in a row against the Cardinals and seem to be getting back on track after the horrendous road trip.

“I came out and felt really good,” Arrieta said. “My timing was as good as it’s been all year. They put some good swings on some pitches. The cutter down to Randal Grichuk that he hit out in the second wasn’t a bad pitch. He put a good swing on it. Same thing with Matt Adams. I had a manageable pitch count to pitch in the game a little longer, but I got extended in the fifth. They had a good game plan coming in,” he said of the Cardinals. “It’s a good thing our offense was productive today.”

It’s fitting though that Arrieta ends the road trip with a huge victory. The Cubs now can go back to Wrigley Field on Friday to start a homestead against the Philadelphia Phillies on Friday knowing that perhaps the worst part of the season is behind them and they can hit the reset button.

“Sometimes the game’s going to get you,” Returning outfielder Jason Heyward said. “You say ‘turn it around,’ but we’re doing OK. Right now, we’re not by any means complacent, but it’s a part of the season. You’re going to go through ups and downs. You’re going to go through stretches where the other team just has a better night than you do.”

Believe it.

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