“Clutch” Contreras Does it Again For Cubs

Willson Conteras

And so a losing streak ends and (hopefully) another one will begin again. Last night, the Chicago Cubs upset the Miami Marlins 5-4. last season it was the rookie Kris Bryant who stole the imaginations of Cubs fans around the world. This year, it is the incredible Willson Contreras who is called up and working our imaginations again. Both Bryant and Contreras homered in the first inning boosting Contreras’ total since the call up to three.

“It’s like oxygen. He’s absolutely necessary,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “What he’s done over the last couple days and the life he’s brought to the group. It’s absolutely necessary. He has been the catalyst the last couple days.”

The catalyst is the right word for Contreras. I forgot to mention he got the game winner as well. Not only has he stepped up in the absence of Anthony Rizzo but he’s playing like a veteran behind the plate.

“He looks like an established big league hitter,” Kyle Hendricks said. “He just hits balls hard. It’s really fun to watch. To be that young and come up and do it, it’s unbelievable. And we need it right now.”

My favourite pitcher Hendricks, got roughed up after he pitched into a grand slam off of Justin Bour. Hendricks recorded his first no decision since May 11. He left the game tied, grabbing five strikeouts. His change up remains amazing.

Another injury to the Cubs, this time to Ben Zobrist who was hit in the seventh inning and won’t play today.

“It’s been a tough week, having guys go down,” Zobrist said. “It’s not been easy on anybody. It was a good game tonight and everybody battled. You need everybody on the roster at this point. That’s what makes it such a team game. We need every guy on the roster. These kind of wins are good for us.”

Did you see Javier Baez‘s catch?

Believe it.


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