Cubs Come of Age in Win Over Cardinals

Anthony Rizzo

The Chicago Cubs always seem to find a way to win in dramatic ways. Last night’s 4-3 victory over those pesky RedBirds in extra innings not only sent a message to the league that these so-called “youngsters” haven’t exactly played like young ballplayers. There’s seasoned veterans like Anthony Rizzo who just turned 27 and Kris Bryant in his second year who nobody can say he’s a sophomore.

With a 10 game winning streak that’s their best since 2001, it would seem that the Cubs should be on cruise control for the remainder of the season. That’s just not Joe Maddon’s style.

“I don’t take anything for granted,” said Maddon, whose team is 5-5 against the Cardinals this year. “They have a nice ballclub. There are some guys who are hot over there now, some guys they had not expected who are doing really good things now. But I am surprised there’s that kind of a gap now [in the division].”

Despite being 9-0 for August, which is the best since 1908 the Cubs truly do look like they’re trying to end curses and shatter club records. Yesterday, I touched on the fact that it was their fastest to 70 wins since 1945 which was the last time they appeared in a World Series. Now, this 9-0 record happened the last time they won a World Series. Something freaky is happening with this year’s club.

It was’t a flashy win but the Cubs will take it.

Believe it.


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