Cubs Creating Memories

Fly The W

Let me get this straight, the Chicago Cubs are 40 games above .500 for the first time since 1945? You better believe it. Yesterday, the Cubs beat the San Francisco Giants 2-1 and Jon Lester almost had a no- hitter until Hunter Pence spoiled what could have been a nearly historic day for Lester and the jewels of the North Side of Chicago.

With the Cubs being 40 above since 1945, which is the last time the Cubs went to the series, the Cubs are pretty much steamrolling everyone. In a way, all those hexes, curses and whatever voodoo some rabid fan can muster on the historic franchise, it’s amazing how the signs are pointing to this season being, “The one” that’ll change the tides.

“It’s pretty incredible,” manager Joe Maddon said of the Cubs’ record. “I’ve always talked about increments of five, and I remember back when we were talking about just five. … There’s good energy on the field, there’s a strong belief that we’ll play a pretty good game. The defense and the pitching have really set the tone for the whole thing.”

I’ve been impressed by Jon Lester, he’s proven me wrong  time and time. Last season he was a little shaky and I couldn’t understand his worth to the team, but this season is different. He’s become, well Jon Lester.

“Last year, his numbers were good, but I don’t think he’d tell you he had a good year,” David Ross said. “[Friday’s game] was Jon Lester; this is the guy I know, this is the guy I’ve known since I’ve been catching him. This is typical Jon. He expects perfection out of himself.”

Thank you so much Jon for doing it this year. I owe you an apology. Sorry man for being wrong about you.

So with all the talk about MVP awards being Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo, the Dynamic Bryzzo team, it’s fantastic to think about it not being entirely about the hardware.

“That’s how I feel — it’s just a piece of hardware,” Bryant said. “For me, it’s more about the memories that go along with it. This season [with the Cubs], we’re doing really well and everybody on the team is doing really well. This will be one of the seasons I’ll remember for a long time.”

That’s why we watch the game. It’s the memories. The enjoyment everyone gets whether you’re playing the game or watching it at the ballpark, there’s something totally magical about the crack of the ball. The “Ooh’s and Ahh’s” wondering if some lucky fan will go home with a souvenir or the “Stat” watching as your favourite team climbs into World Series contention.

“The thing that doesn’t get talked a lot about here is the atmosphere we play in front of every night. It brings the best out of you as a player, especially when you get a little older like I am and get to play in front of 40,000 people every night, and they’re getting on their feet and the music and atmosphere is phenomenal.” said Ross.

Believe it

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