Cubs Hammel Had Better Nights

Anthony Rizzo

If ever there was a rough night for a Cubs pitcher, then it was last night in their loss to the Milwaukee Brewers 12-5. Jason Hammel got roughed up pretty badly allowing 5 runs in the first inning alone.

“Too many pitches up in the zone,” Hammel said. “I didn’t set the tone for us early. This one is on me, and obviously, it doesn’t sit well. We’re fortunate to have a comfortable lead now, and we’ll just brush this off now and move on.”

The Cubs Roberto Clemente nominee, Anthony Rizzo tried to get things going for the Cubs by belting his 28th home run of the season but it turned out to be one of those nights where things couldn’t get going for the mighty North Siders but the Brewers just had Hammel’s number.

“Usually, if they’re going to get him, it’s going to be early in the game,”Joe  Maddon said. “When he gets deeper in the game, he normally settles in. … I thought he righted himself, and it didn’t play out.”

So, what does this mean for Hammel and the Cubs going forward into October, should they switch up their rotation?

“It’s not an audition — he’s got 14 wins this year,” Maddon said. “He’s had a nice season. Everybody has bad moments. I don’t worry about things like that.”

I’m not worried about Hammel for the playoffs. Sometimes thinks don’t click and that’s what last night added up to for the veteran pitcher.

“The story of the tape for me this year is when I’m bad, I’m really bad,” Hammel said. “The overall body of work is really good. I’m not going to beat myself up. I’ve had a pretty good run against these guys, and they were due for one.”

There’s a great article from Sports Illustrated and the Cubs Post Season chances for this year. In it, Tom Verducci suggests that this year’s team may be one of the best ever. I’d have to agree. I think, myself included, people are biting their fingernails or walking on eggshells when it comes to this team because of their history but when you look at how good the 2016 team has been, the question can quickly turn to, “Why not”?

For those Cubs fans who have waited patiently (you know who you are) and those Cubs fans who are jumping on board, well one thing is for sure and that is 2016 is a great time to be a Cubs fan. I know my family is busy thinking about post season parties and get togethers. Everywhere I go lately, there’s been folks giving me the nod when they see my Cubs cap. “This is their year” or “We’re with you” it’s really, really cool.

Believe it.



  1. smartenoughtoknowimdumb · September 7, 2016

    Mulligan start!


  2. smartenoughtoknowimdumb · September 7, 2016

    Yeah Hammer’s great. I wrote about him a few weeks ago!


  3. Mark Gauthier · September 7, 2016

    I picked Hendricks and Happ. Who would have thought?


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