Cubs Did All Right With Kris Bryant

Kris Bryant

The Chicago Cubs beat the Astros last night 2-0 and lowered their Magic number down to 7. Folks, that’s seven games until they’ve clinched their division. The star of the show was Kris Bryant, who destroyed another ball and is in a tie for the National League Home Run lead with Nolan Arenado. They’ve also won their 90th game of the season and the first time it’s been back to back since 1928-1930.

Jon Lester continues to surprise me. He came to Chicago in hopes of a championship and last night he dug his cleats into the mound and delivered a great game delivering another scoreless game.

“He doesn’t cower from [big moments],” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “He absolutely loves it. That’s why you sign a guy like this — for these particular moments. When you watch him play in this moment, you can see he absolutely relishes it. He wants to be out there.”

Are we having fun yet?

“It still feels like we’re just right in the middle of the season, but we feel like we’re getting to baseball that actually really matters,” Bryant said. “Anything can happen in the full season, so you’ve got to get there first, and we certainly feel like we’re playing really good baseball right now.”

If there ever was a huge piece of the pie for the Cubs, it has to be Bryant. The Cubs picked Bryant over Mark Appel in the 2013 draft. Appel went to the Astros and the Astros shipped Appel to the Phillies. I’m not slighting Appel but imagine if the Cubs picked Appel instead? They wouldn’t be in the spot their in.

“I was a little biased towards the Cubs, just because I grew up watching WGN,” Bryant said. “I watched Cubs games and you see Wrigley Field and the history. It’s the fact that you could come here and win a World Series. All that stuff is very attractive. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? ”

It shows the genius behind Theo Epstein. A championship isn’t guaranteed but it feels good that the Cubs are winning and competing again. Everybody’s talking about them from the baseball nuts like myself down to the Mall people who sell sunglasses at Destiny USA. A guy spotted me with my Cubs cap and nodded.

“You know it! This is their year”

Fall is a couple of weeks away and then October falls and you know what that means? The playoffs. There’s two things that can happen; the Cubs can win it all or they can lose. If they lose, the Friendly Confines will be uphold their long standing policy on goats and historians and voodoo witches will rejoice but if the Cubs win, it better be in the seventh game of the World Series, two out bases loaded and the bottom of the ninth. Anthony Rizzo steps up to the plate.

A swing and a miss. Strike one.

Rizzo waves the bat in circles above his head, his lips clenched as he stares down the pitcher. There’s the pitch!

Foul tip sends the ball home for a souvenir.

He taps the bat with his cleats. The pitcher shakes off a pitch then gets his signal.

Rizzo swings.

Believe it.



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