Cubs Suffer Hangover Against Brewers

Carl Edwards Jr

Either there were a lot of hangovers in the clubhouse or Jake Arrieta isn’t quite the indestructible machine he was last season, although he’ll still collect at least 17 wins this year. Yesterday’s 11-3 loss against the Milwaukee Brewers was not just a tough loss but a loss that only a day earlier, Tom Ricketts stated that, “Even when we lose, it’s by one run.”

So much for that idea.

“I just need to find that comfort with the sinker in the strike zone, first pitch, and after that, it opens up a lot of doors,” Arrieta said. “It has a lot to do with the guy who’s in the box and the execution. It needs to be better early in the counts to prevent guys from taking pitches and getting into 2-1, 3-1 counts. I just need to tighten that up moving forward. I have a couple starts before October, and just to prepare for that, that’s the mindset.”

When people say he won’t make twenty wins and being the first Cubs pitcher to have back to back 20 win campaigns, he’s still been freakin’ awesome and should be proud of what he and the Cubs have been doing this year.

“Twenty is great, but at the same time, the position I’m in with our team is more rewarding,” Arrieta said about being a part of the NL Central champs. “It stinks to lose the game and get the loss and let the lead slip away the way I let it, but at the end of the day, I’ll come out here tomorrow, learn from it and get back to work.”

The Cubs were off to a 3-0 start but the lead was squandered due to the most hated man in baseball Ryan (I still haven’t given back that MVP award) Braun who by the end of the game, collected 5 RBI’S and 2 HR. Does it really count? C’mon!

Today is a new day and Cubs player’s have taken their hangover cures as Kyle Hendricks takes to the mound after a fantastic start earlier in the week where he carried a no hitter into the ninth inning. He has been the feels good story of the year. It’s an important game today for Hendricks, who hopes to keep pace in the Cy Young contention but it’s an important game today because the Cubs need to finish first to gain home field through the National League playoffs.

“We want to have the best record in baseball,” Maddon said. “Does it matter at the end of the day? We’ll find out. Competitively speaking, who you are as an athlete and what you do, you want to be the best.”

I’d like to give a shout to the Ottawa Champions Can Am League Baseball team. They’re located in Canada’s capital. They’re my hometown team and in their second year in the Can Am League, they won the League championship over Rockland Boulders 3-1 in game five. Congratulations, I know you’ll be cheering on the Cubs.

Believe it.

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