Cubs Give Us Strength and Give Us Hope

So what makes the 2016  edition of the Chicago Cubs look and feel different? They’ve had really good teams in the past in particular,2007-2008 with grizzled manager Lou Pineilla and Stars like Alfonso Soriano, Aramis Ramirez and Geovanny Soto. You have to admit, that was a good team. But as we know too well, great teams don’t necessarily guarantee a successful post season.

Going into the series against the St. Louis Cardinals marks the final regular season home series for the North Siders. It’s a fitting end to an extraordinary season. Two bitter rivals going head to head at Wrigley Field and an opportunity to put the brakes on the Cardinal’s Wild Card dreams.

As the season rounds third and heads home before going into the gruelling post season march to destiny, there’s a lot riding on the Cubs. However, I think there’s a lot more riding on the fans then on the players.

“We understand that Wrigley Field is a special place, but I don’t think anybody is worried about history or what happened before,” catcher David Ross says. “If you go out and work as hard as you possibly can and play as hard as you possibly can, the only thing left is winning and losing. You don’t have a lot of control over that. It’s either your night or it’s not.”

Look at it this way, there’s no fan or player alive today that remembers the feeling of seeing the Cubs or playing on a team that won the World Series. There’s a lot of other players you can catch at Cooperstown who will share stories of glory days gone by but not the Cubs. Billy Williams can never tell you about the time he and Ernie Banks made that amazing run in the 1960’s. It never happened. We wish it did.

All those close years dashed by mathematics or happenstance. So let’s blame a curse or some poor fan who happened to be in the wrong place, but of course that wrong place was Wrigley Field and that place is the same place where we as fans gather and feel that we’re at the right place, this year, this team. Where history and myth collide like maple to leather and for one simple reason;

We believe it.

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