Cubs Put Giants On Brink, Take 2-0 Lead in NLDS

Chicago Cubs

If to show that the pitchers can get into the game and contribute, Kyle Hendricks hit a blooper,knocking in two runs but it was the first home run by a reliever since 1924 that got all the attention. Travis Wood did just that as the ball flew into the stands for a souvenir on way to the Cubs routing the San Francisco Giants 5-2 and taking a 2-0 lead in the NLDS.

“It was a special moment for me personally,” Wood said. “I figured he was probably going to start me out with a cutter, and I made a good swing on it.”

A scary part came in the fourth inning when Kyle Hendricks was hit by a line drive that came directly back to him and hitting him in the forearm. After a few test throws, Joe Maddon and the pitching staff decided to pull him from the game. X-Rays are negative so he should be good to go for his next start.

“My message to him was, ‘OK, even if you could finish this inning, more than likely you’re going to go in, sit down, and it’s going to swell up, you got to get ice on it, you’re probably not going out the next inning anyhow,'” Maddon said. “So why mess with it right now? Why make him throw more pitches? He knew he wasn’t right.”

After seeing that first test throw, Hendricks knew as well that even if he stayed in, it might have caused some more damage to the arm. You know something? It was probably the best thing to happen to the Cubs this post season. Having Hendricks leave the game, and he’s my favourite player, showcased the versatility and strength of the club.

“It was definitely disappointing in a way,” Hendricks said. “But you can’t look at it like that. The situation happened like it did. I had to come out. And that’s what we have done all year is relied on everyone on this team.”

I mean really, who doesn’t want to stay in the game during a NLDS appearance? Of course, if Hendricks didn’t leave the game then Travis Wood wouldn’t have hit that home run.

“[Catcher David Ross] told him and I told him he’s not allowed to talk the entire flight,” Lester said. “Four and a half hours. We’ve made it 10 minutes without him saying anything. It’s a sad state of affairs for us pitchers right now to have to listen to this on the way to San Francisco, and the next however many days until he gets to hit again or play left field.”

We all know what Wood can do in left field.

Did anyone catch Bill Murray at the game again last night? He was trying to get everyone up and moving in the stands. He is probably one of the biggest Cubs fans in the game and I hope he helps end curses. Hey, who better than a ghost buster, right?

Chicago Cubs

Believe it.

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