Schwarber Takes The Lead For Cubs

Kyle Schwarber

We’ve all come to know and love the bold choices of Joe Maddon. Yesterday he made the choice of Kyle Schwarber in the lead off role that was vacated by “You go, we go” Dexter Fowler.  Let me put it to you this way; Fowler is an exceptional lead off guy and could go down in history as one of the best ever. Sometimes it’s hard to get onside with Joe’s decisions; (That game 7 “possible disaster” still lingers as we all know that Hendricks should have pitched another inning).

This move having Schwarber in the lead off spot is interesting and worth considering. Schwarber can hit. We all know that but what else can he do? This will be an important spring training to determine his future. He’s a likeable guy but I’m afraid he’s destined to join the ranks of the American League.

“Schwarber is the frontrunner,” Maddon said Thursday at the Sloan Park complex. “You could always consider (Ben) Zobrist if you wanted to. You could talk about Jon Jay. I’d say they’re the leaders in the clubhouse right now. But primarily I like the idea of ‘Schwarbs.'”

It’s going to be intriguing as today marks the “Official” start to spring training. Games that are on MLB.TV always get me excited. After a long cold winter, although where I am it’s been unusually warm and we don’t have snow anymore so it’s hard to get into baseball, but today is here.

The Cubs have bigger shoes to fill. They’re the defending champs and few teams will try to take that championship from them. We saw what the Cubs are capable of with Schwarber in the lineup, so imagine a full season of “Schwarbs?”

“There’s pause involved there,” Maddon said. “If you don’t want to pitch to Schwarber, the guys coming up behind are pretty interesting. It’s formidable so it’s uncomfortable from the other side.”

Yes, baseball season is underway… Naw, I’m not even going to attempt it.

Believe it.

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