Cubs Shutout Dodgers With Help From Wrigley Weather

Chicago Cubs

It goes to show you what a day can make. Just one day removed from all of the pomp and pageantry of getting their rings and the wind blowing out at Wrigley Field, the Cubs got right back to business with a dominant display of just how they deserved that sparkling jewelry. They defeated the Dodgers 4-0 with Brett Anderson recording the shutout. It was almost as if Anderson, who is the only Cubs player on the roster to not have won a World Series was trying to prove he belongs on the team.

“A lot of envy, especially now being the only guy on the active roster without a World Series ring. That’s not fun. It gives me, personally, that much more incentive to do my part and fill the holes going forward.” Anderson said.

The one problem I have with this year’s squad is Kyle Schwarber. The Cubs have a dilemma with him being in the outfield. His skills on defence are not the greatest but as we know he’s no slouch in the hitting department, there’s the problem of To Keep Him or Not To Keep Him? I believe he’s destined for a DH role somewhere soon. It could be this year year or next and it’ll be sad to see him go.

On the other hand, he’s learning the outfield. His overturned bobbled catch off the sprouting ivy was certainly brilliant and flashy but he’s nowhere in the same department of Jason Heyward nor may never be.

“If I’m going to make a mistake, it’s going to be an aggressive mistake, not a passive mistake,” Schwarber said. “The ball’s to the wall, and you’re trying to make a play, and no one can second-guess you.”

Yesterday kind of proved the curse theory at Wrigley Field. It was the wind all these years that messed up chances and opportunities. Whether it’s hitting or defence which ever way the wind blows will guide which way the game will be played.

“It’s just Wrigley for you,”¬†Schwarber said. “There are going to be those days when you don’t know what’s going to happen with the ball, and you have to approach your at-bats the same.”

Both Anthony Rizzo and Addison Russell got their first home runs of the season during that weird weather day at Wrigley. In particular Russell’s HR.

“That ball was mangled,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said.

It practically left some lucky fans a souvenir outside the park.

On a side note, I believe that part of the excitement and importance of the Cubs winning the World Series is they’ve finally inked their place alongside the greats like Boston, New York and the Detroit. No more are they the team that are pushovers, with that win, they’re forever taken seriously. That 2016 team is a legend in sports history that will be forever enshrined in our hearts and imagination.

Believe it

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