Cubs Need To Pour A New Cup of Coffee

Anthony Rizzo

We all get into habits and ruts. This daily routines that we feel quite comfortable in  doing, and sometimes are very good at doing. Take for example my coffee making abilities. My culinary skills are reduced to canned baked beans, grilled cheese, Kraft Dinner and having Gabriel’s on speed dial. That’s it, that’s all. What I’m very good at is making coffee. I am locally renowned in having the unique ability to take a generic Costco brand 2lb bag of organic java and turning it into roaster’s paradise.

For years, I’ve been using those throw-a-way paper filters. The coffee’s been great with those filters with the exception of the hit and miss batch of brew. One morning, I ran out of filters and scrambled around looking for something to use in the interim. I was panicking! As I frantically tossed around those useless items in the cupboards, I found the mesh cone filter that came with the Cuisinart machine. When the beeping sounded on the machine, what I poured into my Chicago Cubs mug the one my son made me that is so awesome, was the best coffee I ever had. It was rich and flavourful and filled with all the goodness java has to offer.


The point is that yesterday’s 11-6 loss to the Bronx Bombers was ugly. There’s no denying it or putting a positive twist on it. It was bad. How did the World Series champions go from last season’s dominance to this year’s borderline mediocrity?

“We need to get in a groove,” Miguel Montero said. “I think the whole team needs to get in a groove. For the hitters, for the most part, we’ve been coming from behind. First inning, they score some runs and it’s hard to come back all the time.”

What the Cubs need to do is have Jason Heyward pull them aside in their new Wrigley digs and give them a pep talk. Change it up a bit. If they can put Miguel Montero in to pitch, there’s room for that special kind of creativity that Maddon is so inclined to pull out of his New Era.

“Whenever the backup catcher gets more outs than you, it’s not positive,” Brett Anderson said. “You need to figure some things out and get healthy and get some more people out going forward. It’s as simple as that.”

Yeah, that’s how awful a situation the Cubs were in yesterday. The Cubs rotation has to go deep into the games. That’s all there is to it. If it’s a cliche to say that they have to start playing Chicago Cubs baseball, then that’s what they’ll have to do. Deep into games, move the runners and change up the order. Then again, if that was the simple recipe, then every team would be playing well.

It’s a lot like the simple routine of brewing coffee. I changed filters and discovered a whole new richness to my morning cup of coffee.

Believe it

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