No Joy In Wrigleyville


Rain in any other sport takes on an almost beautiful spectacle to watch. Football for example, has had some historical games played in the elements some have been baseball games. More likely than not, baseball sucks in the rain. Mudville was born.

Yesterday, through the rain the Cubs lost to the Milwaukee Brewers 6-3. I think baseball depends so much on pinpoint accurate catches that it makes it nearly impossible to play in wet conditions. What looked like a simple catch for Kyle Schwarber in the end was like playing catch with an ice cube.

“That was a very awkward day to play baseball,” Joe Maddon said. “When a play like that occurs, it also points in the direction [that] the conditions weren’t baseball-esque.”

No , they weren’t. Eddie Butler had a rough game too, giving up five walks. He could blame it on nerves but a true test would be ideal conditions.

“That’s unacceptable to do that out there,” Butler said. “I have to go out and give them five innings and keep them in the game. I just have to throw strikes.”

If every pitcher can go out and give at least five innings, then the odds of winning increase. Maybe I’m just looking for excuses but yesterday it was the weather that contributed greatly to the loss. A lot of those plays would have happened if the conditions were more ideal.

“Today, it just wasn’t happening,” Maddon said. “We walked at least 10 guys overall, and that was a big part of the game.”

The good news is that Jason Heyward should be returning today.

“I just needed to swing, I did not need to walk,” Heyward said. “I needed to go up there and swing the bat and make sure I could do that worry-free.”

So, with the great weather (hopefully) and a great outfielder and now a star rookie Ian Happ, the Cubs should be rising to the top toon.

“It just seems like they’ve nailed every pick for a while now,” Kris Bryant said. “I think there’s a trend there with position players. I think when you go to college and you get to experience that type of level of competition under an environment like that, I just think that it certainly helped me become a better player and be more responsible, mature, make good decisions. So it’s no surprise to me that Ian’s doing what he’s doing, and the rest of the guys are doing what they’re doing, too.”

Believe it


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